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12 Secrets To Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is an evaluation made by an individual or person and usually related to the appreciation of him. Self-esteem is how we value ourselves and look at ourselves. It is based on an opinion and our beliefs about ourselves, which can sometimes find it very difficult to change. If…

Tips To Manage Employee Retention Strategies Appropriately

image via freepik Before continuing this article further, I would like you to first understand what employee retention means. For those of you who have not had time to read my previous article…
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Common Problems That Often Occur At Work And The Solution

image via freepik Still related to the discussion of the work problem, in this article, I will raise a topic that is about common problems that often occur in the workplace. Please continue r…
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An Effective Recruitment Strategy To Get Qualified Employees

image via freepik Employees are one of the most important assets for the company and can be considered the key to the success of a company. Can you imagine, how is the condition of the compan…
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4 Tips To Set A Performance Goal In Your Workplace

image via freepick Did you know, what are the similarities that are owned by successful companies in developing their business? The similarity is that they have all set goals and target goals…
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5 Ideas To Appreciate Your Company Employees ' Performance

image via freepick Demonstrating a form of appreciation to employees is crucial for the relationship between the company and its employees. Why? Due to a study from Globoforce's WorkHuman…
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10 Fatal Mistakes In Recruiting Employees And How To Avoid Them

image via freepik Hiring a new qualified and competent employee is sometimes a long process because it's not easy to get to it. It is very important to find the right person to fill the vo…
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Discipline vs Motivation, Which One Is More Important?

Self-discipline and motivation are two very important things in human life including ours. Self-discipline and motivation are both instrumental in building a habit in the long term. For that i…
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