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Some Tips On How To Effectively Respond To a Critique

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 How To Effectively Respond To a Critique
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Tips on how to effectively respond to a critique is an article that you need and should read as a leader. Why these tips are important?

It is worth knowing that one of the prices of leadership is criticism. If you receive criticism from your subordinates it means that you are the leader of them. So, to distinguish whether you are a leader or not easy enough is not it? If you have ever received criticism from your subordinates it means you are a leader.

Now let's try to look for example, at a marathon running race, who will be the center of attention and spotlight? It's definitely the runner who is be the first one, right? We are not interested in noticing the other runners behind who have no potential or chance to win the race instead? From here we can take the lesson that while you are ahead and beyond others then you will be the center of attention and Spotlight. But you also have to realize that your position also contains consequences i.e. you will not be separated from the criticism of others.

Because all leaders have to deal with negative things and criticisms then a leader should learn how to handle criticism in a constructive way. A Greek philosopher Aristotle once said that you can avoid a critique easily, i.e. by not saying anything, doing nothing and not being anything. But it is not an option if you want to be a successful and reliable leader.

In the following, I will share with you 4 (four) stages tips on how you respond to a critique. These tips I took from the best seller book by Jhon C. Maxwell "The Leadership Handbook "

Please read and check out as follows :

1. Know Yourself

Look at yourself with realistic. There are two factors that cause criticism of yourself, which is your position and your individual. You should be able to distinguish between them. How? You can distinguish them only when you know who you really are. If the criticism is addressed to your position, then you do not have to put it in your heart. It should not affect you.

It does require a process that is not momentarily to recognize yourself. Like what was said by the American father Benjamin Franklin, that there are three really hard things that are steel, diamonds and know yourself well. But you have to be sure that the hard work you do will be comparable to the outcome you will get.

Some of the following question points will help you know who you are :
  • Am I an impatient person?
  • Am I the one who assumes too much?
  • Do I not care about the rules and restrictions?
  • Am I the person who processes a problem quickly?
  • Do I judge the ability of people too high?
  • And so on.

The questions above are an indication of weakness in yourself. So all you have to do is look for answers to those questions and practice them.

2. Change Yourself

What is your reaction when the criticism given to you turns out to be true? The most precise reaction is that you should immediately do something. Start to evaluate yourself and make positive changes to improve the situation.

The important thing when you receive criticism is how your actions are. A good leader will take some of the following actions and attitudes:
  • Not being defensive.
  • Immediately find out the slightest truth.
  • Immediately make important changes.
  • Take a wise decision.

If you do the above things then you will probably soon realize many things about yourself and it will improve your quality as a leader.

3. Thank Yourself

When you produce a masterpiece, at first it may be that people say that it is wrong. But then they will say that it is true, but unfortunately, your work is not important. If this is the case how do you deal with it? The trick is to be yourself. The easiest thing in life is to be yourself and the hardest thing in life is to be like what the other person wants ".

Self-acceptance is proof of your maturity. If you are worried about someone else's opinion about yourself because you are more confident in their opinion than your own. So the key is to recognize and accept yourself instead of relying on the opinions of others.

4. Forget Yourself

The last stage to be able to get criticism well is to start to stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on others.

As a leader, you have to be truly sincere in carrying out responsibilities, but it is also not good indeed. The Lord will help you to be completely self but God will not let you succeed to be someone else. Give the best to others because that is the quality as a real leader though maybe you will be a black goat for the deeds of others. No way, because it is the price of a leader.

That's an article Some Tips On How To Effectively Respond To a Critique. Hopefully useful for you and see you in my next article.

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