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3 Fundamental Differences Between Confidence And Pride

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3 Fundamental Differences Between Confidence And Pride

There is an equation between a confident person and a proud person. The equation is both the one who has the ability and advantages over the abilities and advantages of others.

In the reality of life, there are fundamental differences we can observe from both of these traits. And here's how I'll review three (3) fundamental differences between confident and arrogant, as a reference for you.

The three differences are as follows:

1. Confidence always appreciates others

First, a confident person will usually appreciate others. Realizing that he does have the advantage and ability but able to be wise and still wants to appreciate others.

While for the arrogant is always the opposite of demeaning others. The proud person considers others to be inferior in comparison to him. And usually, the proud people are very disliked if there are others who appear to be more than their appearance for fear of being rivaled later.

2. Confidence is not afraid of the wrong

Secondly, a confident person is never afraid of doing wrong. To him, a mistake would not diminish his self-esteem and his abilities. Mistakes are part of the process of heading to success.

On the other hand, a proud person feels that he or she is never wrong. Donnish people will usually try to look for the black goat and blame the party or others so that he is seen as an innocent person.

The proud person always feels right. He did not hesitate to argue and seek justification for his opinion. Arrogant people are very difficult to accept the opinions, ideas, or ideas of others because he feels that the ideas and ideas are the most correct.

3. Be confident always humble

Thirdly, a confident person usually has a humble nature even sometimes he is seen hiding his abilities in the presence of others. He never accentuated his ability in front of others just so others were impressed by his ability.

While the proud people are always thirsty for recognition from others. Everywhere always show that it is the smartest and most capable of being that he gets recognition from others.

So after knowing an about differences between a confident person and a prideful person, what do you think is the best one between the two traits?

That's an article about three (3) fundamental differences between confident and arrogant that you need to know, hopefully, this article can be useful and helpful to all of us.

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