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5 Determining Factors Of Success

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5 Determining Factors Of Success

Have you ever read and heard the deciding factors of success? If not, please find the answer in the following interesting article.

Among of us,  of course have heard of a clever person's suggestion, "Look for something you really like in your life so gladly, so you will do it even if it is not paid though. The question is what it is? That's what we called a hobby. If we have been pleased to do, so then we just learn to do well, so that then people will feel happy about what we produce and finally willingly pay us to do it.

An interesting suggestion for us to ponder together. Why? Because the fact is the average person who achieved a success in life is caused because they do something that suits their passion or hobby. Maybe it's not one hundred percent like that, but the average is like that's the case.

When we start something that suits our interests and abilities, we will gladly work with it. And if we are sincere and determined to develop our hobby we can become an expert in the field. Different if we do something that does not fit our interests or in other words because it is forced then the result that happens is the output that is generated is not maximal.

There are many successful stories that we often hear and read about how successful person becomes a big businessman who starts out from just a hobby and thanks to diligence developing his hobby and creativity he can finally become a A great businessman. So the fact that we can conclude is that if we are diligent in the work and the outcome will certainly develop. The experience of falling and waking up again in developing our hobby is a definite happening thing, but it is a mental armor that will make it a difference. When we fall no one will despair but wake up again while correcting the previous mistakes so that we will not repeat the same mistakes.

As a motivation for you, then below I will share 5 tips that can be a defining of your success.

1. Talent
Have you ever read a book titled Talent Is Never Enough? In the book, it is said that to be a successful leader with only talent capital is not enough. How many people in this world have a tremendous talent, but they have never achieved success either personally or as professionals. So it is obvious that talent is just one element to succeed and not as a guarantee.

2. Opportunity (Chance)
An opportunity could be your door to success. But to get an opportunity we need a long journey and sometimes winding-twists. How many people failed to succeed when the opportunity was in front of him. A sage advice from Howard Hendricks "Do not put eggs on the dead chickens". This means that an opportunity in the hands of a person who has no desire will only be wasted.

3. Knowledge
A knowledge is an extraordinary asset, but knowledge will not make us the most powerful. One's intelligence is not a guarantee that he will be a successful leader. A formal education cannot make you a leader. Some successful leaders actually have a low formal education background, and how many failed leaders are intelligent people. So knowledge is just one factor to success.

4. Great team 
It is true that a leader will not be able to succeed without a great team. But a great team is not enough. You should still have a fifth factor. And this fifth factor is truly what can guarantee you to become a successful leader.

5. Passion
Of the four factors above will be no use if you lose or even do not have this fifth factor. Yes, the passion turns out to be a big and real impact. A desire can distinguish which is extraordinary and which is ordinary.

Why can a desire be the most important factor in your efforts to become a successful leader? Here are the reasons :
  • Desire makes us believe things that I am not sure of.
  • Desires make us feel the things we originally did not feel.
  • Passion makes us try new things we have never tried before.
  • Desires make us able to accomplish things that we previously did not accomplish.
  • Desires make us encounter people we previously did not meet.
  • Desire makes us can motivate people that I previously did not give motivation.
  • Desires make us able to lead people where we were previously unable to do so.
That's an article about 5 Determining Factors Of Success . I hope it can be your motivation and a decisive success.

Hopefully useful and always success for you.

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