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5 Keys And recipes A Happy Life

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5 Keys And recipes A Happy Life

Who is the person who does not want to live happily? If we ask everyone we meet, then surely the answer will be the same. They will answer that they want to live happily. None of them answered that they wanted to live in misery.

What is a happiness? How do I define happiness? It is simply happy to be able to measure something according to its budget. This means that we may have to reduce something on one side and exceed it on the other side, so that it is created a fitting position.

The question then, how is the recipe and the key to our lives happy?

In the following article, I will share with you about 5 Keys And recipes A Happy Life , among others:

1. Strengthen gratitude and reduce complaining

Everyone of course already knows that life is a difficult thing and not easy. And this life will increase increasingly difficult if we complain too much. Complaining with our fate, complaining with our work, complaining with our children, complaining with our wives and so on.

If you want to live happily then now start to reduce it. Try to start thinking positively. Your problem will never be completed if you complain too often and blame the circumstances you are experiencing.

Maybe you never realized when you complained about the work that you do, on the other hand, the more tired it is for people who are looking for a job. Be aware that whatever position you accomplish today, it is a success and a success for you. Maybe you don't realize that your current position is a position that many people dream about every day.

So don't complaint too often and complain, reduce it. From now on you are to multiply our gratitude to the one true God. Be grateful for whatever you have accomplished and achieved in your life. Convince yourself that whatever it is, then it is the best for you.

If you can do this then one step towards a happy life you have done, because behind the gratitude there will be happiness there.

2. Dare to try and reduce fear

Fear is a humane thing that exists in everyone. There is not a single person in this world who has no fear. Fear there are so many kinds, for example, fear with darkness, afraid of altitude, afraid of failures, afraid of being laugh by others and so on.

If you want to live a happy life, then you should reduce the fear, why? Because fear is natural and cannot be eliminated, but fear can be reduced.

So from now on be brave in trying everything in your life, reduce fear because it will be a barrier for you to live happily.

3. Strengthen tolerance and reduce judging others

Today we live in modern times that are all almost digital. But unfortunately behind it is all a very real threat to us. How we look on a person's social media can freely give comments to others. How does one then help others through social media. Of course it is not very good and has negative effect on ourselves.

Different opinions do not mean being our opponents. Learning to appreciate and respect others is much wiser than we are commenting on negative things that are useless for our lives. The spicy comments We write will actually hurt others, and will eventually add to our own enemies.

Remember if you want your life to be happy, reduce negative comments and judge others, but it is better to multiply your tolerance and respect for others. By honoring and being tolerant to others then we will be more and more friends, and more and more friends will make our lives happier.

4. Much love and reduce hate

We are a man who is given advantage by the one true God in the form of reason and mind. When faced with a problem we should use our minds and thoughts healthily from putting our ego and emotions forward. Never let any emotional fire as small as you ignite yourself.

Remember if you want to live happily, love your fellow man and reduce the hatred of others.

5. Strengthen your efforts and reduce speech

The fifth or last recipe is to make a lot of effort and to reduce speech. Many of us are only good at talking but zero in practice. As good as any of your ideas and ideas there will be no meaning if you never define them in real form of business and work.

If you want to live happily, start from now reduce speech and multiply the effort. The more you strive, the closer you will be to your dreams and your life goals. And of course if your life goals are already accomplished then your life will surely be happy.

That's five (5) recipes and a happy living key you need to know. Hopefully this review article can be useful and can add motivation and your passion to achieve a happy life.

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