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5 Levels Of Human Resources At The Company

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5 Levels Of Human Resources At The Company

Five (5) levels of human resources in the company can be seen from 4 (four) parameters, among others:
  • Is there any initiative of oneself in doing the work.
  • How is the implementation of how to do the work?
  • The ability to set up and collect the resources needed to carry out the work.
  • Ability to find job end goals.
From the four parameters above, then we can be grouping into 5 (five) levels of human resources ranging from the lowest level Newcomer, Sprightly, Expert, Creator, and founder.

The explanation of the five HR levels is as follows:


Human Resource newcomer level is the lowest degree of human resources in the company. The main feature is the absence of initiatives in carrying out its own work and do not know how to work.

How to handle it: need to be taught first, prepared everything. Give instructions to him and give supervision during his working process. As time goes on it slowly we subtract until finally, he knows his obligations and how to finish his job.


Sprightly is a level higher than newcomers. The sign is, already has an initiative in fulfilling its work but still needs to be taught in advance how to do it. At this level, employees have not been able to work on their own every need that he needs to get the job done. So we have to prepare all the needs. Employees of this level can be productive when the SOP and procedures and instructions on the working process are well run.

How to handle: Provide resource support and supervision


A higher level of agility is an expert level. At this level, an employee already has an initiative on how to perform their work and know-how to do it. But still, have to be prepared for all things to fulfill his needs. The advantage of this expert level of human resources is the ability to perform non-routine work, a working capability that is not owned by employees of newcomers and Sprightly.

How to handle: Provide support and access resources


At this level, an employee has the ability to define, select and negotiate the resources needed to support their work. He has also been able to establish the best methods and decide on the steps needed to achieve his job objectives. The only thing that still has to be prepared is the basic idea of giving birth to its work.

How to handle: provide monitoring and provide instructions to create new methods.

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The highest HR levels in the company are the trigger rate. At this level, an employee has been able to set his or her own ideas, initiatives and ways of working on his job. He has also been able to fulfill the resources he needs to support his work. He can already work with or without the initial ingredients.

How to handle: give more responsibility by working on a project and requesting the report.

By knowing and understanding the 5 levels of human resources that exist in the company, it will make it easier for you as a Human Resources Manager to do the appropriate training for every level of HR, so the skills and competencies of the employees can be upgraded again.

That's an article about 5 Levels Of Human Resources At The Company. Hopefully useful to you.

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