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5 Tips To Become A Successful Leader

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5 Tips To Become A Successful Leader

Welcome back  to my blog. On this occasion, I will write an article with the topic about Tips on how to become a successful leader. Why do I raise the topic? Because I want to share it with everyone so that they can read and know the tips I get from a book that is quite famous.

Being a successful leader is the desire, the ideals, the hopes and dreams of almost all workers, including me as well as you. How do I achieve it? It takes hard work and high spirits to make it come true and not just a dream.

In here, I will share with you about 5 things and aspects that you have to do, to become a successful leader.

The five things are:


The first aspect or step that should be your concern is never stop learning. There is no word enough to learn and to study, for the whole life of man is the essence of learning.

Learning also knows no age restriction, because learning is the right of each individual who cannot be restricted.
For those of you who are in fact an employee, then you need to learn new things, new ways, new methods and so on in order to improve your competency level. If that's not what you do then trust me that you will be involved and lose the labor competition.

If you are currently in the position of Supervisor then you should also learn to increase your managerial skills, because one step position above you is Manager. You must begin to know and learn how the task and authority of a Manager, so that when there is a promotional opportunity for you then you are very ready to receive it.


The second aspect or step you should be aware of is that you must be confident and confident in your ability. Confidence in yourself will make you excited. Conversely your doubts on your own abilities will make your mental fall and lose the competition later on. In other words, your saying is lost before fighting.


The third aspect or step you have to believe is that everything's possible. This thinking is very related to aspects or steps of number two above. Starting from confidence in self-ability, then the next step is to convince yourself that you can certainly achieve your goals.

You can read the biography of a successful person or leader around you. It is not uncommon for us to come across that they come from a background that is mathematically and reason can not be as successful as it is now. Many lessons you can take from the journey of their life and career. How effort they can go out and break away amid limitations and all the impossibility. How they struggled, how the sacrifices they made to achieve that success.

Reflecting on the story of their success journey will instill confidence in you, that you can succeed as they are. Everything that seems impossible to realize can happen if we want to work hard, try and pray.


The fourth aspect or step is to motivate yourself that you can certainly. Sometimes we are stuck in a dilemma of doubt on ourselves, we are hesitant in taking a decision. But we also know that everything or process will always start from a decision. We must be sure and dare to make a decision, as difficult as it is because that is the beginning of your next action. When your decision is taken then the next step is you have to commit yourself to the whole heart and without hesitation.

Sometimes failure will be experienced, but believe me that it is a self-study. Failure means you have tried, if you never fail possible because you have never tried it? So failure is not the end, but the stage to learn and evaluate the shortcomings and causes of such failures then find the way to overcome them.

At this stage you desperately need encouragement or motivation both within yourself and in others. You can consult your friends, superiors or fellow associates that you trust. Ask for their suggestions and opinions because they will help you tremendously.


The fifth step is always positive thinking. This is very related to the aspect or step number four above. Any failures you have experienced, you should have a wise torment. Think from the plus side, that is, as a lesson for improvement to the fore and not to think negatively that failure is due to your inability. Then you're desperate and lost confidence. Such negative thoughts will destroy yourself.

Remember the following words of wisdom, "A PROCESS WILL NOT BETRAYED THE RESULTS". So keep positive thinking for your success.

That's an article about 5 tips and how to become a successful leader. Hopefully it is useful for you and make an added value to all of you.

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