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7 Causes Of Team Demotivation And Solutions

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7 Causes Of Team Demotivation And Solutions

Do you know why lately your work team is less excited? Why do they seem to lose motivation in work? Let's discover seven (7) causes of team demotivation and solutions in the following articles.

After publishing my previous article about how to give motivation to your subordinates and your team, now I will share with you about 7 things that you should avoid so that your team is spared from the danger of demotivation (The loss of spiritAllah). This idea of this article I get from the book which created by Hanjoko, that is the "Golden Road", because if your team has been affected by this disease then all your hard work in building a solid team will be wasted.

Here are the things that I mean as follow:

To get your team members to offend his or her personal feelings
One of the fundamental things you shouldn't do is to get your team on the cutting off and out of control. Be as reasonable and still within the boundaries or context of the work. If you lose control of yourself then you are excessively upset by removing profane and inappropriate words will hurt your subordinate feelings.

In addition to causing the mental and motivation of other team members to erode, you will only create a new problem in your team that is hostility. You should understand that people who are injured in their feelings is more difficult to forgive than the wounds that he or she has in their physical form. If this is up to happening then your dream of building a solid team is unusefull.

Insufficient resources and support for their work
You as a team leader, provide less support to the needs of your team members. Your attention to supporting resources is not maximal, such as table chairs, computers, printers, and so on. This makes your team members ' work harder and more restrictive. As a leader there should understand what your team needs. If you neglect this will lower your team's spirit.

Not giving attention to your team
As a leader and team commander your attention to your team is not maximal. You only give orders without giving attention in the form of referrals and so on. If it is just pointing direction, then whoever can be. The thing you need to give your team is a guidence or referral and guide how to unite the same direction of the target that has been set. If you say and give orders and then pass, then this will also make the spirit and motivation of the team to degenerate.

Unfair effect against team members
As a team leader you should treat your team members with the same. Do not pay more attention to one person while ignoring another team member. This will fire up jealousy in your team. The impact will be very negative for your team, as some team members who feel disappointed will lose their motivation.

Being empowered and maintaining distance with subordinates
As a leader you should not be a force, to administer your boss then with the unjust give orders without any clarity. This does not make your team members respect or respect to you, but instead the team members are fed to you. If that's the case, what can you expect from your team? No of course. Losing the respect or respect of your team makes you lose everything because without it everything you do will be wasted.

Jobs that don't match their expertise
This is your fault as the team leader in putting people. You should be more observant and see the ability of your team members before placing them in the right position. As a result of this error, the result of teamwork is not maximal because there are some people who do not reach the target as a result of their work not according to their skills and abilities.

Equal taste compensation system
Such a system is a good side but there is also a side of the. The most appropriate thing is that you have to compensate based on the outcome as well as the responsibilities. Each team member has different authority and responsibilities so it will be very strange if the compensation received by them precisely made equally. This will definitely cause problems on your team later.

That's an article on the 7 things that you should avoid in order for your team not to be demotivated.

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