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7 Ways On How To Build A Solid Work Team

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7 Ways On How To Build A Solid Work Team

How to build a Solid teamwork ? This is a topic that I will raise on my article this time. This article is very useful for those of you who had subordinates in your workplace.

If you are a leader in a company such as a Supervisor or Manager, then you need a solid team to help you accomplish your tasks. As with our bodies, you serve as your head while other members of your team function as body organs that complement each other.

When in your team is  any one of the member who is weak, the effect can adversely affected to other members of the team. See the following.

The three fundamental principles of team development are :
  • Unity of command
  • Sharing and synchronization of tasks
  • Allocating the appropriate resource needs
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Here I will share a solid tips on team building guidelines, such as :

1. Do not easily change structures

The change of organizational structure which did too fast and frequency often, will be the cause of disruption of productivity. The basic principle is that a good organizational structure will reflect the grouping of the most economical jobs.

The challenges faced by a leader today are rapidly changing environmental conditions. This forced the leaders to apply a more flat structure pattern meaning more people were giving reports to it.

For that, you need to delegate a task to your subordinate or team member.

2. The relevant work in Humanity

The intent of this statement is that only the work is born with the aim of the person and not the person in the job. Looks trivial but how many companies do wrong? Many companies from scratch have already made organizational structures with empty job boxes. The organization becomes bulging at the top. When you build a team you have to discard the insignificance of the departments. Thus the organizational structure becomes slim.

3. Focus on the team core

Pareto, an Italian economist, stated that in most economic and social systems 80% were caused by 20% of the causes. Therefore when composing a team you have to focus 20% that this core. What the core intent here is the job position that most determines the success or failure of a team. In identifying a key position you should focus on the job and not on the person.

4. Be extra careful and never half-hearted

There is one thing you should understand, the mistakes of recruiting and placing people have both short-term and long-term implications. And remember, almost all decisions involving people can not be corrected. Understand that the first play rule in organizing core team members is extra cautious. Then you also shouldn't be half-half in handling your team. Complete all problems to the root so that they don't become a barrier for your team.

5. Consider Human charistic

When composing a team you must remember, that you are dealing with humans and not with objects. Human beings have two characteristics:

Uniquely, it means that in this world no human being has the same exact nature and character as the other person. So when you're crafting a team member you'll always have to be prepared with something new.

6. Holistic, meaning that the man comes by bringing his entire history.

When you're putting together a team member don't just be on a phycotest result but you'll have to incorporate two characteristics from the humans above.

7. Consider the effects of adding people

The intent and purpose of a department by adding people has the purpose of fixing a state. But it is worth remembering that every addition of a person is a burden to another team member. You must provide a table and chairs, salaries and amenities, and a team member's mobility room becomes limited. Without good control the addition of the person is not a solution instead raises new problems.

That's the article about 7 ways on how to build a solid team. Hopefully this article will be useful for you.

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