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7 Ways To Motivate your Subordinates And Teams

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7 Ways To Motivate your Subordinates And Teams

In my post today I will share with you about seven (7) ways to motivate subordinates and teams that are very useful for those of you who have subordinates or team in your workplace.

The motivation that exists in an employee will be directly related to the use of his ability to solve the work he is responsible for. Therefore, if you want and expect that every employee or member of your team can give and donate their best skills, then give them motivation or encouragement.

Giving incentives is one way of providing a motivation to them, but as a leader you should not rely solely on incentives as the only way to motivate them. You should also go down directly to motivate your subordinates and your team.

And here are 7 (seven) tips on how to motivate your subordinates and your team:

1. Show enthusiasm and confidence

Show your enthusiasm and confidence in the success of the target that your subordinates and teams need to accomplish. You have to look excited in the eyes of your subordinates and your team because if you look unmotivated and are not excited then do not hope your subordinates and your team will be excited. Show your sense of enthusiasm in your actions and way of speech.

2. Give respect and praise

Giving praise to the subordinates and your team must be done sincerely and honestly. Basically everyone is happy with the compliment. Greet them and state their name, a pat on the back of your subordinates will make him feel in value, so that his spirit grows. And one more thing he will always remember to you.

3. Let them be proud

You need to let your subordinates and your team feel proud of their work. The positive welcome you give them will make them excited. If it is not yet perfect or to your liking, then you need to give it an appreciation. Thus they will be eager to correct the shortcomings that will result later.

4. Strive for their fate

As their superiors then it is as surely as you are obliged to fight their fate. You don't have to show off and point them out if you're fighting for their fate. Strive for this, if they are sensitive, then they will surely know for themselves.

5. Give confidence

You must trust them to carry out your duties. They will surely feel proud because you have entrusted them to them. But you have to take note of, the task that you give is a task whose difficulty is still within the reach of their abilities. Good job delegation will make them grow.

6. Be a listener and honor his ideas

If they come to you with a new idea, give an attentive response and response. Maybe you think the idea is silly and not good but you should try to respect them. Do not cut or directly advise them. Just say, "Okey, your idea is good enough, I'll note and I'll review it first ". This will show that you are a caring boss.

7. Give Feedback

Give feedback to your team, and wait for their response. As you meet and face to face with them give information about your team's success. Do not forget to say thank you because it is the result of their work.

So, those are 7 (seven) ways to motivate your subordinates and your team. In the next article I will share about 7 (seven) things that you should avoid because it causes demotivation of your team.

Hopefully this article will be useful for all of you.

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