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Tips On How To Handle Conflicts Between Employees At Office

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Tips On How To Handle Conflicts Between Employees In The Company
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If you are a leader in a work unit in a company, either as a Supervisor or a Manager of course have handled members of your team who are hostile or misunderstood. To resolve the dispute then a Supervisor or Manager needs to read Tips on how to handle conflicts between employees at the office below.

As a leader, you are required to resolve the problem to avoid happening again later, because the result is certainly not good for the working atmosphere in the company. If so, then how and what steps and tips will you take to deal with it? Are you going to silence the problem, or pretend you don't know it? Of course, as a leader is not such a thing you would do instead?

In the following, I will share with you all the tips or guidelines for how you should handle a problem, the disputes and the feud of your team members. These tips I took and quoted from a book titled "Jalan Emas " by Handjoko and published by PT Elex Media Computindo. Here are his tips as follow :

Do Not Partiality

If there are two members of your team who are disputing and struggling because of a problem, you as a leader must act neutral, meaning that your attitude should not be impartial to one of them. This attitude will show that you are a fair leader for your team.

Focus On The Problem

The next step is that you have to try to focus on the root of the problem that makes the event happen. You don't get stuck to the discourse to find out who is right and who is wrong, because this kind of way will give you the impression that you will blame one of them.

Cooling Down The Atmosphere

Try to make the hot atmosphere a bit subside. You can take the initiative by giving them a glass of drinking water. This will help to make the tension and emotional tensions decline. Remember one thing, give good advice on when the atmosphere is again hot and tense will not succeed. Why? Because when a person is in a state of high emotion common sense and his mind tends not to be controlled. Cool the atmosphere first before starting to speak will make what you will tell them will be easier to understand.

Facilitation And Solution Search

Ask them to respect each other. Try asking them to understand and look at the problems that are in the way of the other party's perspective. This will help them to understand each other.

Problem Solving Framework

Host a follow-up meeting if the issue is not yet completed. Give their counsel and understanding separately to be more easily received. Many alternative solutions will appear at this stage. Develop these alternative methods or ways into a constructive framework that covers the interests of both.

During this process, commit to them not to add to the exclusion of disputes.


After finding the right solution skeleton, it's time for you to reconcile the two. Call them to your workroom. Deliver solutions from you, and ask them to forget the ego's attitude for the good of the team and also the company. Ask them for commitment and seriousness to not repeat the dispute in the future. If you find such a problem again then ask them to consult you.


To prevent a similar dispute happening also to other team members in the future then you should reinvest the motivation of teamwork to your team. Make a briefing schedule each morning and turn to each team member to lead the briefing course in turn. This will make them feel more familiar with your fellow team members.

Those are some tips or guidelines for handling Conflicts Between Employees At Office. Hopefully, it will be useful for you.

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