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3 Classic Reasons Why You Haven't Been Successful

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Still on the topic of the discussion about success, then in this opportunity, I will write an article that can be a motivation for you. Let's see the article below.

After we have previously learned about 5 successful traits, we must also know the classic and fundamental reasons why we are not yet successful.

The reasons are very often we hear and sometimes we feel the reason is a point, although it is actually not true at all.

3 classic reasons why you haven't been successful, as follows:


The first reason has no money or capital. The classic reason for this one we often hear. We all know of course that the capital to start a business is not the mere money. If you do not have money for capital then you can make use of your other advantages.

You have the power to work that you can offer to the capital owner to start your business. The capital owner acts as an investor while you act as the person who works to manage the business. The share of the profit depends on your agreement with the investor.

In addition to energy, you can also offer your skills and skills to the capital owners to hire you. For example, you have the ability to repair motorcycle damage, then you can offer to the owners of capital so as to open a workshop business with you as a person who works in it.

So remember, business capital is not about money, there is still another side of yourself that you can make and withdraw to the owner of the capital to start your business.


The second reason, there is no time. This is a very well-made and one-off reason. Is it as busy as you have no time?

Everyone has the same allotted time on the day of the night, which is 24 hours, no more and no less. Whether he is a rich man, a poor man, a boss, or a worker all have the same time that is 24 hours a day overnight.

Then why do others have time to start their business? On the other hand, why don't you have no time?


The third reason has no support. Actually, whether or not the support of your self-effect is also insignificant as it will depend on you.

Support, for example from a parent or a friend of its nature, is just extra motivation for you.

So start your business independently, if you do need support then you can ask for instructions and advice from people you know that you know if the person has been successful with his business. With so much support you can get in the form of passion and motivation that you certainly need.

Hopefully, this article can bring spirit to you.

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