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3 key Points For Realizing Your Dream

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3 key Points For Realizing Your Dream
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In this opportunity, I will write an article that will have your passion and motivation to realize your dream. The article's theme is " 3 key points for realizing your dream".

All that happened and we achieved until today originated from our dreams. Yes, today on its reality is a dream of yesterday's day. A dream will only remain a dream if we never take action to strive to realize our dream. Ultimately our dreams will be buried together with our imaginary and wishful thinking.

Dreaming to be something or someone better, of course, no one forbids, is not it? Some of us may have dreamed of someday wanting to become an entrepreneur, being a general, becoming an engineer and so on. Dreams will help us to direct where we will be aiming for our lives. Dreams are light that will be the guidance or direction of directions where we must go next.

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The next question is what should we do to realize the dream of being a reality?

There are 3 fundamental things that we must do for our dreams to come true. These three things are as follows:

1. Trust Yourself (Be Confident)

If we want to achieve our dreams then the first point you have to do is to be confident. Trust yourself, believing that you are strong and able to succeed.

If we have planted our self-confidence, then it will automatically emerge from within us. That power is energy and spirit so that when we face problems and difficulties we will be able to solve them well.

A wise saying says that confidence can move mountains high. It means being confident is a great source of strength within us.

2. Strategize and keep the focus on objectives (Manage Strategy And Keep Focus)

The second point you have to do is set up a strategy on how to achieve our dreams. The strategy will make what we do to be more directed. The stages and processes must match the strategy that we are planning.

By crafting and creating a proper strategy it will make us stay focused on our ultimate goal. Without the right strategy then what we do in the end becomes undirected and instead keeps us from that goal.

An example of how a strategy strongly determines the outcome is the story of a running race between a turtle and a Mouse-deer. In the story is a clever Mouse-deer that can run faster than the turtle eventually loses thanks to the sniper strategy and the focus of the turtle.

3. Action 

The third point we have to do is immediately act and do the action. Without real action then a dream will still be a dream. Wake up and immediately take action to realize our dreams. Don't just silence waiting for the magic because it will make us just the chestnut.

In the process, there are times when our actions may fail, but we must not give up. Immediately rise again and learn again so that the same failure does not rework. So next we must do, then, in the end, we will get the fruit of our hard work and actions.

Striving to always be better than ever is one form of gratitude and our thanks to God Almighty, for in essence each of us has been in a betimes with their strengths and advantages. The differentiator is that we want or do not dig their potential and develop it to reach our dreams.

That's the article about 3 key Points For Realizing Your Dream . Hopefully, it can be useful and beneficial to you. 

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