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How To Become Reliable Employee In The Boss's Eye

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Good Employee

Do you want to be a reliable employee in the boss's eye? Read some useful tips here.

For us, being one of the employees who are loved and relied on by our boss is certainly a pride of its own. It's like not because it's a good looking face and lick our right and left, but in love, because we are employees that can be relied on. If so, then how do we become an employee who can be relied on by our bosses?

Take a good look-up the following tips and try your own.

1. Find out why your boss is hiring you

This is the first step and point you have to complete. Try to think about why the boss chooses you to cooperate with him and not the other person. Exactly guys, because your boss hopes that your presence can help solve some of the tasks he's not? If it turns out that your presence in the team does not bring a positive and relieve his duty, of course, the boss will be disappointed not? You are hired to help solve the problem, but what if your presence does not lead to the job of the boss to be lighter and instead create a busy boss to organize and give you direction? Hmm... Once again think guys.

2. Understand your job desription well

Job desription

The second step is you have to understand and know your job description well, and do not let yourself not even understand at all with your job. By knowing the next thing you can just define and make your own analysis when the work starts and when to finish.

3. Be self-reliant

Remember, you are no longer a schoolboy who every day must be in the break to do what and have to meet who. Your coworkers and your bosses have their own work. So you have to be a fast learner, who once in Love knows then tomorrow his day can already cope with your own work.

Maybe once in a while, you may ask if you feel hesitant but remain within reasonable limits. Remember, too many ask then you will in value not incompetent in the work. So get in the self-reliant and can solve the problems you're facing quickly.

4. Give regular reports to your boss

When your boss gives you a duty, maybe your boss doesn't get away and doesn't have time to monitor your tasks intensely. But you have to remember, one time your boss will definitely ask for the result? The task you've given to you is entirely your job to solve it. This is where you need the initiative to report on the progress of your assignment. It may not be in detail, but by periodically updating the boss you also know that the task he gave you is on the run and still in progress, and you will get a good impression in the eyes of your boss.

5. Become a solid team member

Next tips, because you're in a team of work together with your other coworkers, you also have to make a positive contribution to your team. Your co-workers will credit your own points if you are able to make a significant contribution. You should act as a problem solver in your team. Avoid being a Wisthle blower (Lumberbar issue) in the team because it will give a bad impression in the eyes of your colleagues.

6. Complete your tasks on time

Complete your tasks on time

A very good impression if you are able to accomplish the task that is given to you on time. Why? Because you will be in value as a very responsible person. And for the boss, you certainly feel good because you can really be relied on to complete a task with full responsibility.

7. Avoid conflicts with coworkers

Often in the office, there is a less harmonious atmosphere among colleagues. You should avoid this and don't get stuck on situations like this because it will only dump your free energy. If the conflict occurs among your friends and not with you, then you should take the initiative to reconcile back to the atmosphere of the team again conducive. Don't get stuck to whom you chose but choose goodness for the team as a whole. If this role you can run then you will get one positive point.

8. Connect with people outside your Team

To solve a problem, sometimes it is not easy. Especially if the problem is already related to other divisions. Therefore, there must be a member of your team who plays the role of spokesperson or representative to communicate with the other divisions. This is important because without anyone acting as a representative then the problem will become increasingly difficult to solve. Sometimes you have to risk responsibility, but not a question that is important when you open the communication you also consult with your boss.

Those are some tips from me, so that you can become an employee of your boss's trust. Hopefully this article will give an added value for you.

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