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Life Motivation-The Differences Between Self-Esteem And Prestige

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Life Motivation

Life Motivation-According to the great dictionary Bahasa Indonesia the meaning of the word prestige is an honor, influence, self-esteem, dignity of one's. If we study there is a similarity between the meaning of prestige and self-esteem

Although it has the same meaning, in a daily sense there are some fundamental differences between the word agency and self-esteem. According to Merry Riana (a famous motivator) says that there are at least three (3) pieces of the most fundamental differences between the two words.

What is the difference? Let's look at the following article.


Self-Esteem based on consciousness. Yes, be aware that someone has a self-esteem that must remain in his honor. A real example we can see in our old selves. Although they were old, they felt that they were still strong to work and make a living for themselves they did not ask for help from his children. They should work sneer and do whatever and not request help to their child. They still have self-esteem because they feel still strong to work and strive for themselves.

Another example, we often see in the streets, for example, some old people still want to sell bananas, food and others who are in the way to walk them because of their old age. Instead of being a beggar and requestor, They choose to keep working selling because they feel they still have self-esteem.

While the Prestige is essentially an acknowledgment. They want to admit to others. They try to use various ways to cover their shortcomings in the presence of friends and in the presence of others to appear luxurious and to admit their presence or existence. But what happened is not like that?



Self-Esteem has a basis of honesty, as-is and nothing is in hiding. He does not wear masks to cover who he is.

An example for example when we are only able to buy a motorcycle we do not force ourselves to buy a car. She felt that that was her ability and she did not feel losing self-esteem because she was only able to ride a motorcycle.

While the Prestige is essentially a lie. Yes, they are always lying and lying again to cover his ignorance so that his own true identity is not in the know.

An example is when we have said that we are a capable and wealthy child. Frequent traveling and streets around Indonesia even out of the country. But that is not the case, he just claimed to be like to show off or show his friends that he was indeed a rich child.


Self-Esteem will be paid by working hard to get better results than before. He always tried and sought himself to be better to get what he had in his memory.

In the meantime, prestige is paid in the form of money, debts and also installments. For the sake of prestige, he would spend some money, even to debt and try it out.

That's an article about the difference between self-esteem and prestige we need to understand. Hopefully, after reading this article, we can realize that there is no point in bringing out a sense of prestige just because it wants to admit its existence. It is better to appear as it is without losing self-esteem.

Let's read the articles about my other motivation in this blog.

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