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Motivational Words And Positive Thinking Quotes

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A Collection Of Wise Words About Life

Life is such a wheeled wheel that keeps spinning from time to time. Sometimes we are above, sometimes in the middle and sometimes also below. Yes, that is the saying which often heard of the Wise Men.

Sometimes, we live in happiness but sometimes we also live in sadness and misery. All are the laws of nature sourced from the one true God. We as beings are only living alone.

Happy, sad, rich, or poor should we thank gratefully, for the Lord whatever happens to us today is the best thing given By Him. It all depends on us, how we perceive and respond to it. All of us must be thinking positively.

If we are given happiness then we should not be arrogant and shrink others. But if we are in sadness we also should not despair. Always try and try again to achieve our dreams and goals and life objectives.

Here I share with you the motivational words and positive thinking quotes that are full of meaning which can be your motivation to bounce back, among others :


"Life is not a matter of finding yourself, life is making yourself".  By George Bernard Shaw.

Often we hear phrases that say what you care for yourself. According to George Bernard Sham, There is nothing lost in your identity. There is and the emergence of identity because it is formed by every person, by you, not a thing that is created and hidden from you, so make you need to find the identity. You seem to be your identity is lost somehow. It will be like what you are based on how you choose what things are influential in your own life.


"There is no idea of what will happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride and nobody is in the hands of it". By Eminem (famous singer)

What will happen tomorrow, not a single person knows. It will be what you are in the future, nor is there anyone who can do it for sure. Why? Because life is a mystery. What we can do is just to plan and do the process, the problem of that result is not us that determines. For that, if you are currently falling, then you do not need to dissolve in sadness and despair, rise again because anyone no one can guarantee that you will fail forever. The next time you'll be sure to succeed.


"A Good Life is a life inspired by love and guided by science". By Bertrand Russell.

A balanced life can be accomplished with a sense of love that is in combination with science.


"Life is simple, we make it difficult". By Confucius (Famous philosopher)

According to Confucius life, it is a simple one if we live it with full of excitement and happiness. Just live your life and you don't have to intervene in the lives of others. Very simple is not it? But sometimes you get too deep in the affairs and lives of others, so it makes your life feel so heavy and complicated.


"The most important thing is to enjoy your life, be happy, whatever happens". By Audrey Hepburn.

The person in charge of your life is your own, and not someone else. And because your life is your responsibility, it is you who can try to change it. No one reason makes your life unhappy, because it all depends on how you manage your life.


"What we think determines what will happen to us. So if we want to change our lives, we need to change our minds a little". By Wayne Dyer.

The mind is the key to the occurrence of an event in your life. When you feel confident that your life is happy, then nature will help yourself to manifest what you think it is. A happy life does not come from the giving of others but comes from yourself because it is you who are troubled about it.


"Life is a dream for those who are wise, games for those who are ignorant, comedy for the rich, and tragedies for the poor". By Sholom Aleichem

Your life relies heavily on your viewpoint about life. The more you look at life is difficult then you will confront it. But if you look at that life is easy, it is like a game then you will win it.


"You are here only for a short stopover. Don't be rushed, don't worry. Rest assured that you inhale the scent of flowers along the way". By Walter Hagen

Because life is temporary and not eternal, then create a work that is meaningful and beneficial to others, so that your name will remain everlasting and always on your back.


"Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent is how you respond to it". By Lou Holtz

You have to learn how to respond to the circumstances of an event that happens to you and you may also need to learn how to respond positively to the negative problems that are afflicted by you. If you are right in addressing it then you will still feel happy even though it is being overwritten by the problem.


"The purpose of our life is to be happy". By Dalai Lama (Tibetan leader)

Happiness will make your life more colorful. Happy will also keep yourself surviving despite frequent failures. With the happiness that every day you feel, whenever and wherever you are, then you are fighting bad things that want to make you fall.

That is the article about a collection of wise words of life motivation from the famous figures. Hopefully, it can be your inspiration to reach your dreams.

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