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One Of The Most Important Things That Will Change Your Life

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One Of The Most Important Things That Will Change Your Life

Did you know that in this world there are only about 3% of people who can live according to what he wants? Yes, that is the fact, as expressed by Bob Proctor, a prominent motivator from the United States.  While the rest are 97% They live in a state that is not following his expectations. That means they live in a state that doesn't match the shadows or expectations they expect or they dream of.

Everyone certainly wants a success in his life. Although the size of success is very relative and different for everyone, but the measure of success in our view is financially successful. Living well-established and adequate and never feeling deprived. What we want will get because we have the money to buy and get it.

There are so many motivations and words of encouragement to us that we can read, and we listen at every moment and every time. But does it positively impact ourselves? Can a word of motivation change the path of our minds and change our destiny towards a better one than before?

According to Bob Proctor, there is one thing that is the key to changing the way of life and making you successful. One of these things is very important and must be owned by anyone who has dreams and ideals in his life.

One thing that Bob Proctor is referring to is DESIRE (WILL). Yes, the desire within us is a key point of all that we do. All our actions started and departed from there.

I want a rich, I want to succeed, I want to have a car, I want to be a professor and so on. Without a strong desire from within us, we also would do nothing. A desire is a trigger or trigger within ourselves to start a real action.

Your step to success

For example, in our work is asked by our boss to reach a target. The boss said in front of the Manager,  "Next year I want the product sales figures to be 100 billion from the previous 90 billion ". How? I also do not know, said the boss.

Hearing our boss's wishes, all managers will think about how to reach the target desired by the boss.

Departing from there then start the managers work and strategize, ranging from product development, expanding sales and distribution networks and so on. And the fact is when the target of the boss that seemed to be difficult to realized, in that year the sales figure reaches 102 billion. Two billion higher than the target desired by the boss.

The question is, why is it possible? The answer is because of the desire of the boss as the trigger, forcing all managers to move and act, strategizing to move towards the target. Without it all then no trigger will be the point of starting a real action.

As well as in our lives, a desire within us will trigger a real action that we sometimes cannot imagine too. The desire to be a professor will trigger our actions to learn harder than ever, sacrificing more time than ever before and leaving all our desires for a while. We will focus on finding ways to achieve that desire.

That is the power of a DESIRE (WILL) inside us. Just be sure that within us, we have established that word. Next is how we take action as a result of that desire. That's the key.

That is a motivational articles this time, hopefully useful and can be your inspiration to realize your dreams.

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