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Stop Complaining And Let's Start Thinking Positively

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Thinking Positively

On the occasion of my article this time, I will try to review a simple topic that can stir up the spirit and add motivation to us to keep moving forward and achieve what we dream of and our ideals. The topic is "stop complaining and start thinking positively". Please read the following article.

Friends, I am reminded of a word of wisdom that I have read in a motivational book some time ago. The phrase is that in life there is no difficult thing, which is just because we are not accustomed to doing it. I think that expression is quite interesting, because on average and most people I often hear directly always say that they always complain and say it is difficult against the problem in his face.

Friends, if we are analogous to taking a real example in this life is actually a difficulty that sometimes makes us always complain more at cause because we are not accustomed to experience it.

For example, for example, for someone who never at all drove a car or let's say only once or twice once tried to learn to drive a car, then he would say hard when asked to try it again. But when she was forced to try it out a week, two weeks, three weeks later a month continuously to learn to drive the car then she would eventually be able to do so. After doing so repeatedly he got used to and driving the car is no longer a hard thing anymore.

With regard to the example above, it means that a thing we imagine is hard to turn out just because we have never tried it. But if we ever try it then gradually the difficult thing will no longer be difficult and make us complain. All will turn out to be easy.


When we complain about our difficulties, that means mental selves we have not been so good and honed. Don't we also ever feel how when we move home or move the workplace, we might at first feel that our home or our new workplace is too far away?

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Then why don't we complain anymore now? It is because as time goes by, and we are running it every day and then the distance will feel close. So what makes us complain?

Positive thinking people always see a valuable lesson from the difficulties he faced. The more he is accustomed to facing problems and difficulties that he will get accustomed to the problem. So when he was confronted with a difficult problem even though he would still be calm because he felt familiar and was sure to solve the problem well.

The conclusion is not to assume the difficulties we face as a reason for us to complain and be in trouble, but rather a positive person thinks that every problem we face will make us become accustomed to That will ultimately make our mind strong and not complain easily when faced with problems.

That's an article about stop complaining and let's start thinking positively. Hopefully this article will be useful to you.

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