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Success Motivation-4 Things That Will Make Your Time Wasted

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Stop Wasting Time

Success Motivation-Did you know that there is one thing that is sure to have by people of the same number and capacity? It doesn't matter whether he's a rich man or a poor person, whether he's an avid person or a lazy person, whether he's a bad person or a good person. Is it right?

The answer is time. Yes, time is his one-on-one thing that everyone has with the same amount. Rich people, poor people, successful people, people fail, busy people, lazy people all have the same amount of time 24 hours a day-night, nothing more and no less.

If everyone has the same amount of time overnight, a week, a month, and a year, then what is a differentiator between them?

Being a differentiator is how they leverage the time there is for positive things for their life's progress and how they spend time on things that are completely useless for their progress.

Here I will share with you about four things that will spend your time wasted in vain, such as:



When you are the type of perfectionist who demands perfection in every way, then it can be the cause of wasting your time in vain. Perfection is essentially just a presumption and an estimate because there is essentially no perfect one in this world. Perfection is merely the Lord's impossible to accomplish by man.

A measure of perfection for everyone is also different because the fact is that in all things there is always a side of excess and side of shortcomings. Every shortage, of course, requires effort to fix it and all it has to go through a process, sometimes sooner and sometimes also long. So better you enjoy the process because if the process is passed and done well, then the result will be good.

Why is being a perfectionist sometimes lacking both you and just wasting your time in vain? 

A real example, for example, when you get an assignment from your boss to create a presentation slide of employee training material. When the presentation slide is almost finished and ready to submit to your supervisor, you then check back and it turns out that there are still many things that don't fit. From the words, the Backsound and others so that it makes you not so give it to your boss when the time is about to run out.

You always revise and revise again until finally, your Project withdraws from the schedule that is asked by your employer. This will certainly have a bad impact on your employer's judgment because it is considered incompetent.

You should remember that completing is more important than perfection. You can revise it later after being seen by your employer. 


Have you ever had a time doing a job that you think is actually not important but you still do it just because it is forced to make others feel happy? 

Going on a hangout after work home is a real example. If not too important you should avoid it because basically you only waste time, while you can do other work that is more useful than just hanging out with your friends. 

If only once or twice, may still be natural because it is part of socialization, but if every week you do it then rest assured that it will waste your time in vain.


Anxious And Worried

Always feeling anxious and worried about what others will say about yourself can also waste your time in vain. Always thinking of the possibility of the words of others is the thing you need to avoid, because basically as good as any action you would certainly never be able to satisfy everyone instead?

So it's better to focus on yourself and don't think about the possibilities that could be just a shadow in your minds and minds.

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4 Things That Will Make Your Time Wasted

Well if that is how often we do not? Always be stubborn-compare ourselves with others. Why am I here while he can be so, why can he be successful and I am not. 

Stop comparing yourself to others, focus on yourself. Be grateful for everything you have accomplished. And think about new ideas and ideas for your own progress. 

Remember, your future depends heavily on how your attitude and way of acting and how your efforts are to achieve success and not by thinking of others that can weaken mentally and yourself.

That's the article about 4 things that will make your time wasted. Hopefully, it can be your motivation to go ahead and succeed.

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