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Success Motivation-5 Good And Right Ways To Learn

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Success Motivation-5 Good And Right Ways To Learn

Success Motivation-Everyone certainly wants to be a smart person, not an exception to yourself. One of the efforts that you can do to be smart is to learn. Learning can be from anywhere, either by self-taught or independent learning or learning through formal education such as schools and colleges or can also study through non-formal education such as skills course or through Training halls and workshops.

But to be able to absorb and learn all the things taught, we certainly need a good and correct method of learning. The question then is how does it learn what kind and true it is? To find out please refer to the description in the following article.


The main thing you should do when learning is to change your mindset to be true. Open your mind so you can receive and absorb the lesson well. Never think that a lesson is that difficult. For example, eg school children in general very dislike mathematics lessons in school. Whether they are in their minds, they do not like the math lessons. The result was that they became lazy to follow and listen to the lessons taught by his teachers at school.

The results are easy to guess when the exam then their value is far from the expected target. This is a result of the thought mindset that considers mathematics to be a difficult and tedious lesson. Indeed, we can not expect that all the disciples to like all the lessons because the foundation of the talent within them must be different. But the most important thing is how to eliminate paranoid attitude, fear and lazy to learn math. That way, the problem depends on what they can or whether to follow the lesson well.

If we look at a glass of water then start your mind and mindset like an empty glass of water ready to fill with water. Do not close yourself, open your mind to receive the lessons delivered by your teacher.

Don't think you've understood something right so your mind rejects all the science lessons you learn. This kind of attitude will eliminate your focus and concentration.


The second factor is to learn with the right teacher. Do not choose the teacher because if you are not right in choosing a teacher then the knowledge that will not be delivered to you. 

When we learn about computers for example, of course, we must know the background of our teachers. Whether it is true he is an expert in the computer field or not. When we are wrong in choosing the right teacher then the result will also not be maximal.



Sometimes we still find students studying only when they will undergo a semester or replay exam at school. They learned at once overnight. Of course, this is not true, because instead of understanding the lessons learned instead of the tired that can be. In the end, everything becomes blank or forgotten when working on the exam questions in his face.

Determining learning time must be disciplined. As you take medication, you cannot drink it all at once with the expectation of a quick cure. The result you will get is the opposite, is not it? You are even more sick and worse.

Likewise, learn, be disciplined and not necessarily full day. Just learn an hour or two but do it in a disciplined and consistent way every day. Make it study as a habit or habit, so you will feel that there is less when that day you have not learned.


How to learn in the right way can be divided into three kinds, as follows:

A. Visual

This way of learning is that one will only be able to understand a lesson if it is done by seeing it directly. He could only capture information and understand what he read effectively and efficiently by seeing him visually.

B. Auditory

This way of learning is someone who can capture and absorb a piece of information effectively as to what he or she heard directly.

C. kinaesthetic

This way of learning is that one will be able to quickly and efficiently look at the information through the real examples that he or she saw. He would usually imagine someone doing it in mind and by imagining it he would just understand.


Learning Environment

The fifth factor of good and righteous learning is the environment in which to study. There are types of people who conquer the calm atmosphere when learning and will be disturbed by the voices surrounding it. There is also the type of person who learns how to listen to music or wear a headset on his head.

There are types of people who like to learn by themselves but there are also types of people who prefer to learn in groups and discussions. Well, whatever your type of learning is the most important thing is to make sure that you are in a positive environment. Remember the environment will greatly affect your habits.

Those are 5 Good And Right Ways To Learn. Hopefully this article will be useful to you and can increase your insight and motivation.

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