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Success Motivation-Don't Hide Behind Excuses

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Success Motivation-Don't Hide Behind Excuses

Motivation success-reason, a word that is often used by a person to avoid or seek justification of a thing that we can not do and we accomplish, including me or could be yourself.

How many of us always use a variety of reasons so that the circumstances we experience seem like truth. The reason we often consider to be a tool and a place to hide from reality is happening.

An example, why until now you have not achieved success in your life? You will certainly convey so many reasons for which the reasons are if they are indeed the cause of your unsuccess now, for example:

I have no capital, how can I start a business so I can succeed?
  • I am always busy and there is no time.
  • I have no skills that can be relied on.
  • I do not have the support of the people around me.
And many more other lists of reasons that I wrote here will be very long.
The point is we always blame it on the other party, blame the circumstances and make ourselves as innocent as it is. We are always hiding behind those reasons, even though we are fully aware that the mistakes come from ourselves.


One thing you should remember, that your life is your responsibility, and not the responsibility of others. And if your life is your responsibility then who else can change it other than yourself? Could anyone else change it? Impossible is not it? Because your life is your responsibility then you can change it.

If you know and realize this, then why are you still looking for one thousand reasons to run from the reality?

Know, there are two very basic differences principles between successful people with failed people. The two differences are:
  1. Successful people are always trying to find a way out of a problem that is in his face.
  2. The failing person always blames the situation as a cause of failure.
So it is very important that you come out immediately and do not hide behind the reasons you have created during this time. Stop blaming the situation, stop blaming others for being the cause of your failure is yourself. Try to make corrections and introspection of yourself. What did I do? Is it my action?

Admit it and start to fix it again. Start fighting in earnest, full of diligence and pray that your efforts can be successful.

There is no point in blaming anyone and anything because it shows only your weak side. Be a strong person, who wants to admit mistakes and fix them because that's what will be the key to your success.

Hopefully, this article can inspire and motivate yourself.

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