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Success Motivation-Nothing Wrong With Your Decision

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Success Motivation-Nothing Wrong With Your Decision

Success Motivation-what happens to us now is essentially the result of a decision we have ever made in the past. Successful or unsuccessful, it is a consequence of the decision that we have made and we do not need to regret the decision we made in the past.

There is no one wrong decision we make, which is only we are given time to learn about new things as a result of that decision. Failure is not a result of our decision, failure is part of a learning process to achieve a success. 

A common failure occurs in someone's self and we don't have to feel the minder. Almost every one who get success now has been through a learning process that is tidask briefly. Falling up and failure is a familiar thing with them before. Nevertheless they are the ones who think success so that the mentality does not fall when it fails to overwrite. They are increasingly excited to get up and start again. So on until finally they become successful people like now.

When we decide our future, there are three (3) things that accompany the decision so that the decisions we make will have a good impact on our future.

These three things are:



A decision must be accompanied by a full commitment of ourselves to carry out the decision. Not a half-half commitment, and not a commitment that is easy to change in the middle of the road just because something is a lure and so on.

Run a commitment that we have made ourselves and do not break it in the middle of the road because if it is we do then everything will be messy and in the future, you also become unclear.


Consistent Action

The second thing that accompanies a decision is consistent and continuous real action. A final goal that we have decided requires a process and we must be patient to go through the process.

Do real action consistently, don't be easily changed in the middle of the road. We can take an example like the attitude of TESLA. He is a great scientist whose findings electricity that we can use until now.

TESLA is the inventor of the Alternatic Current (AC), an electrical system that is used by all the world, ranging from households, to large factories and other modern industries. At first the idea of the TESLA many in the scorn of people because it is very dangerous, considering at the time the world already uses the electrical system of Direct Current (DC) which at that point was considered safer.

Nevertheless TESLA managed to reciprocate the perception of all people who consider electricity the findings are dangerous, because in its present reality is used by the whole community in the world, far exceeding the power consumption of the previous DC system . The thing that makes the electrical excellence of the TESLA invention is that electricity can be streamed to a place very far from the original plant, this is one thing that is not owned by the power system DC.

The struggle and consistency of TESLA was paid off because the results were very useful for human beings. We can imagine that the TESLA has never found a system of AC power so the world will not be able to do so now. All equipment is both electronic and machine everything uses electricity of its invention.

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The third thing is, consistent to keep learning and learning. All that will make you proficient about something. If we feel that it is enough and do not want to learn then we will miss.

Remember the world is developing very quickly and rapidly. What we consider today to be the most modern may be in ten years to come has become obsolete and outdated due to the emergence of new, more modern technologies.

So the key is to keep learning to be able to start your decision and make it happen in the future.

That's the Motivation article about a decision. Never regret our past decisions, make it a reflection and a learning for ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read articles in my blog.

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