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Success Motivation-When Your Job Becomes A Burden

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Success Motivation

Success Motivation – Work is a demand for everyone if you want to keep surviving. Without working then one can only live by the mercy of others. In the reality of everyday life, the kinds and kinds of work for everyone is not the same. There is a small portion of people who can work comfortably in an air conditioned room, while on the other hand a lot of people should work outdoors and under the scorching heat of the sun directly.

That is the way this life, whatever our kind and work today we should not complain. Think positively and consider that our current work is the best for ourselves, because if you complain it will not change your circumstances.

If you imagine your work so heavy and full of challenges then you will feel weary, lethargic and unexcited. You have to remember that it can weigh down your work there is no such thing if it compares to the work of others who are heavier.

What and how you are currently working will be greatly proportional to your happiness. Why? Because fifty percent or half of our lives are spent working. And that means fifty percent of our time spent where we work. 

If the environment in which we work healthy and conducive will affect our happiness in ourselves. We go to work in the morning with enthusiasm because the environment and where we work are comfortable and conducive. But if it is as close, the environment in which we work is unhealthy it will make us depressed and stressed. Our work will be a burden because we do not find happiness in the places we work. 

There are four things you need to know so that your work is not a burden to you. These four things are as follows:


Meals, image by freepick

Firstly, work is not something that is done because it is forced to work is a necessity for every living creature, including ours. Sometimes we are just stuck to a paradigm that assumes that working is just a way of looking for a meal. A paradigm like this we must change, because it basically works is not just a matter of stomach affairs.

There are many other aspects that we can work with, such as associations, social, friendship, and so on. So do not get stuck to the narrow assumption as if we are working just because we want to eat it.

Don't we know that half of our lives are spent where we work? So take advantage of that time with good.


Secondly, in order for our work not to be a burden for ourselves, we must strive to work to do something because it is useful and meaningful. We work not just from work. For example, for example, we work in the customer service or Customer Services section. So give useful information that is needed by the customer.

How the information we provide can facilitate the customer in resolving all its business. Don't just get caught up in the raw rules alone, answering each phone as needed, answering customer questions as needed and so on. Indeed, it is also not wrong because it is already in accordance with the rules, but giving more meaningful and useful information will make us feel satisfied and happy because it can help others.


Thirdly, as it has been taught in religion, work is worship. By working we can meet the needs of ourselves and also the needs of our families.

When a job feels heavy, then try to think about it. Suppose that the difficulties in your work are a test that you must face as part of your worship. Be patient and laugh and do the need to find a solution and solutions will make yourself free from the sense of stress and pressure in the work.


Fourth, in working then we must do all our work insincerity. Never one once thinks that we will get a sense of gratitude from someone because of our work.

If we think that we should get a thank you from the person we have helped in solving the problem, then we will feel disappointed if we don't get it. 

Do it sincerely, never think of the good we have ever done. Although we do not get a sense of gratitude from others that we help, then believe that one time the Lord would also respond to it by facilitating all our affairs.

These are four things that you can make motivation and reference so that your work is not a burden for yourself.

Hopefully, this article is useful to add your motivation and passion for achieving a more successful in the future.

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