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Tips How To Become A Successful Manager

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Successful Manager

Tips on how to become a successful Manager is a helpful and useful tip for your dreams of becoming a Manager at a company.

Being a Manager in a company is a dream of many people. It was a tremendous achievement for an employee's career.

But there's one thing we should know, when the company points you into a Manager, the company expects a real contribution to the progress and development of the company's business. A task that is not light of course for you but nothing is impossible if you have confidence in yourself. That is the basic key.

Before I share some tips to become a successful and successful Manager, I will first share with you some type of Manager in a company to add to your insight.
Here are some types of managers I mean, as follow:

This type of Manager is a Manager who does not have any success, except a lifting DECREE only. Called a total failure because he was not in the reception in his work environment, his orders were not in the brook by his men, even the worse he himself confused what to do. The company certainly felt a very loss and felt upset because it has chosen and raised him to the office of Manager.

This type of Manager is who does not immediately show real work after his appointment. Eventually, the belief in him continued to decline until the limit that could not be tolerated again. The company feels it has mistaken or misplaced him in his position now.

This type of Manager is a Manager who has long occupied the office Manager but the results are disappointing. Perhaps at first, he showed considerable achievement and quite proud. But it turned out that the job challenges he faced were heavier than his estimate, so his performance continued to decline drastically. The company leadership was certainly disappointed with him and attempted to restore his performance back. Giving training to him, rotation of the position until eventually the disappointed leader was forced to find a way to break his relationship with him.

This type of Manager is very much in the company, even where the authors work themselves a while ago was forced to disconnect the working relationship with five managers at the same time because of poor performance and for the efficiency of the company budget.

This type of Manager is a Manager who has an average achievement as a Manager in general. For the company, it is certainly speculative and risky if it promotes him to a higher career level again. With a long period of work, the company is trying to enrich him with many pieces of training and seminars with the intention to enrich his knowledge and add to his quality. If this does not work then it will make the Manager feel bored and frustrating.

This type is a Manager who manages to prove its quality with real work that exceeds the target of the company and the expectations of its superiors. For the company, he is a special asset and deserves to be promoted to a higher career level again.
This type of success Manager is what I will share the tips to you as your reference to achieve it.

Here are his tips:
1. You must change your mind from a mediocre employee to a real mental Manager.
How is the way?
a. Strong and firm intention
A firm intention will reflect the sincerity of status change into the Manager of your self.
b. Strong self-motivation
With a strong self-motivation will demonstrate confidence in you that the office of Manager can be a means to achieve your life goals.
c. Confidence
You must feel confident in yourself to perform with the attributes of a Manager.
2. You must strive so that you can be received by your work environment both psychologically and socially.
The trick is:
a. You have to adapt quickly to the environment.
b. You must strive to be quickly received and supported by the environment. This will give you a safe space for you as a new Manager in charge of starting activities.
3. You must immediately create a solid team
You can choose your own team member or you can still use the existing team. You have to embed to your team that your team must be solid and strong, not just a bunch of people. Be sure that a solid team is bound by the objectives and rules that you have set.
4. You must ensure your first project is successful
How do I do it?
The trick is:
  • Translate your target company into a scalable work plan
  • Take the role of Commander
  • The essence of the commander is to give a command to the team, pointing out the direction and directly leading the movement towards the goal to be accomplished.
  • Take a role as a teacher
  • You have to educate your team well, you can do it yourself or ask others for help. Having a skilled team will certainly make your task easier.
  • Take the role of corporate representatives
This role can happen when you are dealing with members of your team who need some clarification, for example about compensation and others. For this, you must take a role and stand in position as the company representative.

Take the role of Father
This role can be done to handle the humanitarian side of your team. You can give advice, share experiences, provide protection, mediate in the event of disputes and so on.

That's some tips from me on how to become a successful Manager. Hopefully, inspire you and increase your knowledge.

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