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Tips How To Find A Self Power Zone

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How To Find A Self Power Zone
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Where is your strength? Check out our tips on how to find the following self-power zones so you can maximize the potential you have in yourself.

It was Samuel Jhonson, a British poet and dictionary author once said, "almost everyone is wasting some of his life in order to showcase the qualities he doesn't have". If you don't have an idea of what talent you should have, then you are in a difficult time. You have to strive to find and develop your identity so that you know the power zone of yourself.

In this post, I will share some suggestions that can help you to find your self-power zone, which I quoted from a book by Jhon C Maxwell "Leadership Handbook ".

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Here are the suggestions:

1. Ask Your Subordinates "Is it true that I have done over the past"?

There are differences in views and questions for people who want to reach their potential. People who find their potential will ask, "Do I do it well?", and not even back asks, "What am I doing so far is correct?".

The first question is about talent, while the second question is about morals. You'd better do the right thing, but doing the right thing doesn't necessarily show what your talent is.

2. Be Specific

When you're trying to figure out where and what your talent really is, then sometimes your views are too broad.

Peter Drucker, a father of modern management says, "It's not about people doing bad things, but how people do good deeds".

The strength lies in the specific thing. The more specific you define your talents then your strengths will also be seen. Often you think that mastering many things will be better. It is certainly not something bad because it will expand your network and your chances. But when you talk about your strengths, it would be very good if you try to develop a talent that fits your strengths. With you finding your talent, you're actually already in the edges, your next step is to try how you can be in the midst of your potential and talent. When you succeed, that's where your real self will emerge.

3. See The Praise Of Others

As I've written in my previous article, that listening is an important thing that a good leader should do.

How do we hearken to the praise that others have given us? Sometimes we think that our achievements are not something special, because other people can do it. Fact? Not necessarily, therefore we deserve to be grateful for it.

When you succeed in a field, people may come to you and make a compliment to you. Not infrequently the compliment is accompanied by advice to you. With that compliment, you should think that is where it turns out to be your strength. You have to think about how to develop the field again as your strengths. Think well of the advice of those people because they want to see yourself better.

4. Investigating The Competition

You certainly don't want to spend your time comparing yourself to others instead?

Jack Welch, former CEO of GE said, "If you don't have the competitiveness, don't compete". People will not pay yourself for something ordinary. If you're feeling untalented about doing something better, avoid competition and focus on anything else.

A little picture to know where your position is in the competition, try asking yourself the following questions:
  • Do others do what I do?
  • Do they do well?
  • Do they do well?
  • Can I get better than them?
  • If I get better, how will it result later?
  • If I don't get better, how will it result later?
  • The answer to the last question is: you lose.
Why? Because your competitors are trying to be in the power zone and you don't.

The key is to discover the uniqueness of yourself and the rise. It will be your strength.


What distinguishes me from them? Can I get better than them?
You may not be able to be better than them but you may still be different from them. Focus on the uniqueness of yourself, and the rise. That's your power zone.

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