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What Makes Good Leader And Listener

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What Makes Good Leader

Are you a leader? What makes good leader? Check out the Tips of being a good leader and listener here.

A good and effective leader is an active listener. This means that a leader not only listens to what others convey, but he is also looking for the thoughts, opinions, and feelings of others.

There is a distinction between a leader and a person who wants to be called and recognized as a leader. What is the difference?

A leader spends more of his time serving and listening to others rather than a lot of talks. According to Jhon C Maxwell in his book "LEADERSHIP HANDBOOK " An effective leader spends 80% of his time listening to and hearkening to others. The opposite person who wants to be recognized as a leader tends to talk more than listening to others.


1. Understand others before leading them

Good leadership finds its roots in how to understand others. To be worthy of responsibility as a leader, you must truly understand the hearts of your fellow human beings. You have to be sensitive to the hopes and dreams of members of your team to connect with them and can motivate them. According to The Law of connection, as written by Jhon C Maxwell, "The leader touched the hearts of others before asking for help to others ". You will not connect with others if you do not attempt to listen to and hear others.

If so, how might you be asking them for help while they are not connected to you? It's unfair and ineffective is not it?

If you want to connect with those you lead, then you should prioritize how to understand them as your goal.

2. Listening is the best way to learn

Take a look and look at yourself. Why does God give you the gift of two ears, while on the other hand God only gives you the gift of one Mouth? It is not a mere coincidence. It shows that the Lord also wants you to hear more than a lot of talks.

If you fail to hearken to and listen to others, your self-learning potential will be isolated. A wise saying says, "see Equals to Believe". So it is with the hearken. So if you want to learn then you should do it by listening.

3. Listening can prevent the development of problems

To become an effective leader, you have to let others tell you what you have to hear, not what you want to hear.

Good leaders pay close attention to their intuition, paying attention to what is implied and paying attention to small issues. A saying from the Cherokee states, "Listen to the prompting then you don't have to hear the shout".

A common mistake that often happens to a leader is that they often can't wait to confront the people who work with it. He is more oriented towards results. Unfortunately, the action often causes him to stop listening and listening to others. The deaf ear causes the lid to be thought, and the lid of the mind will cause destroy your leadership, slowly but surely.

The higher the level of a leader then the demands to follow and listen to others will be greater. Why? Because the need for accurate information will be greater, so dependence on others in providing information to him is also increasingly greater.

If they were from the beginning did not learn to follow and listen to others then he would not have the accurate information he needed. And without accurate information then any problems happening in the organization or company will get worse.

4. Listen to establishing trust

An effective leader must be an expert in communication. Nevertheless, he did not have to be a speaker alone. Hearing and listening can build a belief that is the basis of a lasting relationship.

If you do not want to follow through and listen to your subordinates, then will your subordinates think that your ideas, ideas, opinions, and feelings are safe with you? By being a caring listener, you will gain trust from them. But the contrary if your subordinates do not believe that you are listening and listen to them, then they will begin to seek someone who will listen to them.

5. Listening to organizational Level increases

Lee Iacocca, a former director of Chrysler, said, "Listening can be a differentiator between a regular company and an extraordinary company". That means you must listen to and hearken to every person either above or below in every line of organization, both worker, customer and other leaders.

The point is to follow will give you an advantage, because the more you know then you will be in the situation and conditions that satisfy yourself.

Niccolo Machiavelli who is the author of The Prince divides the mind into three (3) kinds:

1. Thoughts that can think by yourself.

This mind has the highest score or value.

2. Thoughts that can give understanding to others.

This thought has a high score or value.

3. Thoughts that cannot think of themselves or give understanding to others.

This thought is a vain thing and not worth it.

To become a leader other than you have to be able to think yourself then you should also understand and learn from the thinking of others.

Now arises a question, can someone be a leader without having to be a good listener? The answer can be.

Then, can someone be a reliable leader without being a good listener? The answer is cannot be.

So the key is that you have to be a reliable leader to bring your organization to a higher level. And the requirement to be a reliable leader then you must be able and willing to listen and hear others.

Thus the article about being a good leader and listener. Hopefully, will be useful for you.

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