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Why Do Poor People Stay Poor? See The Reasons Here

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Poor People

Why Do Poor People Stay Poor? See The Reasons Here.

Rich and poor are the terms of the fate we receive from God Almighty. If you can choose, we certainly want to be wealthy rather than being a poor person and of course, it is a very humane thing. By becoming a rich person we can do many things more easily.

The question then is why most wealthy people tend to grow rich while on the other side the poor are still poor and their fate does not change too? What's wrong with them?

According to a well-known motivator of homeland in a video, it says that there are three (3) things that cause why the poor are still poor. These three things are:


A feeling of inferiority has always been an obstacle for a person in association. The poor will feel the minder to appear in front of the crowd for feeling no money and so on. They often get stuck against the erroneous paradigm that seemed – they would have no self-esteem if they had no money. Why wrong? Because real money is only limited as a means of exchange and means of payment.

What IsThe Solution?

There is no need for a minder if you don't have money because someone's self-esteem is not at all for money. Everyone has the same self-esteem, therefore what needs to be eliminated is the flavor of the minder and think optimistic. This has nothing to do with one's destiny to be poor because that would be a differentiator is the passion to keep trying and work to improve its economy.

Even in the Islamic teachings stated in the Qur'an Allah SWT will not change the fate of a people if they do not try to change his own fate.

Remember the word sage saying that effort will not betray results. Success can only be achieved by those who are able to overcome their sense of pain, able to overcome their shyness, able to overcome all its limitations and strive to create opportunities or opportunities. So what you're doing later is because of what you're doing and working on now. It needs strong consistency and mental to achieve success. And do not forget as hard as you work and try to be accompanied by praying to the one true God.


The second thing is the reason why the poor tend to stay poor is the majority of people if earning money always acts consumptive. This is certainly wrong and erroneous because it is inversely proportional to the rich person who saves and invests the money in order to grow rather than spending it on things that don't really matter.

What Is The Solution?

If you want to get out of poverty then you have to be good at doing the unnecessary shopping desires and investing the money into other things that are more promising to thrive.

It is very humane and commonplace if we have money then our shopping appetite arises. This is where your determination will be the opposition. If you are tempted then everything will disappear just yet if you are able to overcome it then at the end of patience you have been waiting for happiness.


It has become human nature if it is comfortable with what is on him it will be difficult to get out of that comfort zone. In a simple formula, we can actually be analogous that we will not produce anything more if the way we use is still the same as the old way. Indeed a new way is not always straightforward and definitely produces more than usual results. The risk of failure is certain, but that is business. Failure will make ourselves evaluate if there is any wrong in the way we use, so we can make improvements to the next effort.

What Is The Solution?

Eliminate the fear of getting out of that comfort zone if we want our lives to change. A new way will give us the opportunity to be more advanced and out of our poverty.

The wise saying does not ever expect greater results if the way in use is still the same way. Brave out of the box in a way and the new method will give you the opportunity to produce a greater work outcome.

Hopefully, this article will be useful for you.

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