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Why Planning Is Crucial In Living

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Why Planning Is Crucial In Living

Everyone has a purpose in their own life. Some peoples want to be an entrepreneur, a banker, an architect, maybe even just wanting to be a president. There is nothing wrong with all of those things because dreaming about your life's purpose is your right.

It is not an easy thing to achieve this purpose of life because it requires a short and instant effort and process. They must go through a lengthy process full of challenges and obstacles that must be faced and accomplished.

In order to achieve your life goals, then you need a thing that is made with planning. What is planning? Why does life need planning? What's the point of planning? For more details please see the following article describes.

The word planning comes from the basic word plan that has a concept, design, or program, and planning means process, deed, way of planning. Aside from that, the plan can be interpreted as a decision making about what to do to achieve a goal. 

A planning process begins with the goal-setting that will be achieved through the analysis of the needs as well as the complete document, then determine what steps to take to achieve the objectives that have been set.

A plan becomes so important in our lives because we are not an angel who can do something with outside reason, or we are not God who when wanting something to happen simply saying  "It came to pass" then all It definitely happened. We are human beings who are full of shortcomings, so in doing something we need a plan to make our actions and efforts to be directed later.

Here are the steps we must go through to achieve our life objectives, such as:


The first thing that we have to do in doing planning is to set a goal that we will accomplish or we are aiming for. For example, I want to make a plan so that when my children get into college all my installments-my installments are all paid off, including house installments, car installments, and other installments.

From there we can see that the planning purpose I made was when my son went to college I had no installments whatsoever anymore.


From the example above, then I will then create a method of how to achieve the goals I've set.

This means I have to find the right formula and calculations to achieve that goal. Say for example my son is now a first-class elementary school (age 7 years), then I will be looking for a house with a 10 year credit period so that when my son is 17 years old my house is paid off.

Then from there, I will calculate how many installments should I pay each month. Then I also had to save another 10 years when my son went to college I was no longer confused about the cost problem.

All calculations and anything we will do in this second step.


When we have finished counting and setting the method, then the next step is to do the real action. Start to try the house with a regular and timely, then save in accordance with the nominal that has been set consistently and continuously.
The essence of this action is to implement in the tangible form of the method already set earlier.


The next step is to conduct an evaluation of our actions to dive a certain period of time, for example, five years. When it has gone five years we need to evaluate our actions during this time, whether it is correct or not, whether it is still on track or already out of its path. 

Why do we need to evaluate? Because we can not jump at once with a single leap to achieve our goal. So besides we make a ladder of shadows as if we were climbing to the top (destination), then when we are already in the middle of the ladder we need to pause to evaluate.

If we find something wrong and not right then we can correct it immediately, so that our actions return to the path correctly. 

That is the planning we can do to achieve our purpose, along with the steps. Remember sometimes a plan doesn't work one hundred percent, but it's not a problem because it will actually be a problem if we don't do any planning in our lives.

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