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Word Of Wisdom Quotes In Life

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Word Of Wisdom Quotes In Life

This life is like the seas that have tide and receding. One time it may be that our lives experienced tremendous success. But sometimes our lives fall and are satisfied because of the failures we experience.

For those of us who are soulful fighters will certainly assume that the failures we experience are part of the learning process to be a strong and resilient person. But for those who are weak, then failure will make himself desperate and hopeless. 

For your spirit to arise and turn back on, then the media motivation tips will share a quotation of words of wisdom that you can read and make as a material to conduct self-instrospection so that you will be able to do it again.

Please see the following words of wisdom:


"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Do not reject them because it only makes regret and sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally wherever they like". By Lao Tzu

Letting a thing flow naturally is just the same as when you received the reality of life that you experienced without having to commit a rejection. Every problem that happens to you will surely immature you. You don't have to be angry and resist the things that happen to you, even if it may be very painful for you. Behind every event that happens, there must be new things that you can understand when you can just want reality as a reality, not anymore as a dream.

You also don't need to work every day until late at night so you are forced to sacrifice your rest hours. Do it as you can and naturally without having to lose your meaningful moments with your family. Love your life, but don't you love what is in your life, because you will never know when they will stop loving and leaving you.


"Life is a mirror and will reflect to the thinkers about what they think". By Ernest Holmes

Your life happens from what you have in mind. When you think that you are happy, then your life will be happy. But when you think instead, then the fact that happens will also be like that. Life is as a mirror and your self is your mind. To make it look interesting and fun, then the one in our mind also has to be aligned in that direction. There is no happy person in his life when his mind is full of sorrow and negative thoughts. Happiness will only come to those who feel confident that life is a gift and a favor that must be grateful.


"I have a simple philosophy: what content is empty, empty what's too full". By Alice Roosevelt Longworth

You don't have to live your life in a complicated way, just go through what's there, do what you need to do, avoid what's bad for you, and try to be the best person for yourself. Life does not require you to be a great person in every way. Life is simple, simple and uncomplicated.


"The only limitation in life is bad behavior". By Scott Hamilton

The thing that limits yourself to happiness in life is bad behavior. Bad behavior will never bring you to a good and happy state. In the end, you will feel that your life is unhappy and completely not at all for you.


"A person who dares to waste an hour does not know the value of life". By Charles Darwin

Time is the only thing given by God to man with the same portion. No matter whether he is a rich or poor person, whether an official or just a commoner, all get the same allotted time in a day of the night that is as much as 24 hours. 

Time is a thing that when he has passed will never come back, because the time can never be in a replay. So don't waste your time in vain and trust, a because time is a very valuable thing in your life.


"What we think determines what will happen to us. So if we want to change our lives, we need to change our minds a little". By Wayne Dyer

As I've outlined before that your life depends on your mind. The mind is the key to happening events in your life.


"He who worked more than what was paid at one time would be paid more than what he was doing". By Napoleon Hill

Always be willing to work on what is your responsibility. Believe that your sincerity at one moment will get a solid reply. Commit yourself that starting today you will always give the best, whatever you do every day.

And the following are other quotations that may be useful to you:

a. "Most people live to be others. Their minds contain opinions from others. Similarly, when they emulate the lives of others. Even citing the passion of others". By Oscar Wilde (writer)

b. "There are two tragedies in life. First, if your heart loses passion. Secondly, there are always those who take advantage of the tragedy that you experience". By Bernard Shaw

c. "Man is like sand among the land. It doesn't have to be important if the goal is just for survival". By Seno Gumira (writer)

d. "In this world too many people speak, but few will listen". By Seno Gumira (writer)

e. "It is useless once this life if to raise one person alone must step on others". By Pramoedya Ananta Toer (writers)

f. "I always do things that couldn't be done in my life so I learned how to do it". By Pablo Picasso (Italian artist)

g. "The future depends what you do today. Everyone always produces thought results every day. While what he thinks is happening". By Mahatma Ghandi

That is a quotation of wise words that might motivate yourself to return to rise and strive for a brilliant future.

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