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10 Self-Motivation For A Glorious Future

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10 Self-Motivation For A Glorious Future
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In life and life, this man is often faced with a problem that sometimes becomes a problem and makes a headache, but nevertheless, we must keep this soul with various motivations that are useful to cultivate new souls and spirits, below there are some words of life motivation who knows will be beneficial.

When you feel that your life is too heavy, have you been grateful for your breath for the day???? Have you smiled to make this wonderful day?????
Those who mature know how to cope with pain without having to be the cause of wounds in others.

Not everyone is as good and as bad as you are, for who they really are is just God who knows and he has the right to judge it. Life is like art, no theory of life must be this and so, do all of your heart. Success does not come from what others give you, but confidence and hard work of you alone.

When God gives you happiness : Thank God. 
When God gives you trials : Still, Thank God!
Sometimes when someone hurts you you will hate what he has done to you, but you will not be able to hate him. Hear the voice of your heart, not someone else's. Because who is responsible for your happiness is thyself, not theirs.

Memories can never change even if the person in them has changed. But you have to learn not to remember it if you want to keep going. Whatever you do always follow your heart's words but don't forget to include your logic too in order to know if what you're doing is right or not.

Do not keep the pain too long in your heart, because keeping it too long will be more pronounced when you have to deal with it. Everyone has a problem and all the problems are obviously different. Don't compare your problem with others, it's better to finish your problem.

It's nice to have a friend who knows everything about you, not because you continue to remind her, but because she cares about you. Friends are those who grip your hand when you are struggling but know when you're fighting, live your life, don't ignore them.

Don't waste your time thinking only those who hate you. They do not deserve problems in your life. Live your life and don't confuse them. Don't let doubts obstruct your pace in an effort to realize a dream. You will not be able to get it if you hesitate.

Dreams should continue to be pursued despite the struggle. You will not get anything if you have to silence. Nobody can control you. It all depends on yourself. While others can only affect it.

The perfect one is not always happy, but when you are able to accept the disadvantage of being an excess of true perfection.

For your references, belom I will share to you some quotes from many famous person in this world below:

1. "The best standard for measuring your success in life is to count the number of people you've made happy."
Robert J. Lumsden

2. "The luckiest man in the world is the one who has developed almost constant gratitude, in any situation".
E. Nightingale

3. "When you think you can, then you are right. When you think you can not, you are right... Therefore when one thinks it cannot, then indeed he has thrown away the opportunity to be able ".
Henry Ford

4. "Concentrate your thoughts on something you do because sunlight also can't burn before being focused".
Alexander Graham Bell

5. "Man is formed from his belief. What he believed, that was he ".
The Bhagavad Gita

6. "Working harder is not more effective than working smarter".
Jack Trout

7. "Imagination is more important than knowledge".
Albert Einstein

8. "If you can master it, you can do it".
Walt Disney

9. "The future belongs to those who believe in their beautiful dreams".
For Eleanor

10. "We must be the change we want to see in the world".
Mahatma Gandhi

That's an article about 10 Self-Motivation For A Glorious Future. May it will useful to you.

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