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7 Ways Not To Forget Easily (No 5 Is My Favorite Ways)

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7 Ways Not To Forget Easily (No 5 Is My Favorite Ways)

Forgotten or senile is one of the brain conditions that have extra hard work to store, control or recall stored memory.

As for common symptoms that usually accompany among others repeating the same story or question, misplacing the item, mixing the word in pronunciation, until the bad value in the memory test.

Senile can occur due to normal memory change. Another cause is the presence of certain diseases in the brain. Therefore, experiencing easy forgetting should be handled immediately so that the problem of memory disorder does not become more serious.

Treatment or first aid to overcome senile is by training to sharpen memory. Here are a few ways to make it easy to forget which can be done easily in everyday life.

1. Create A Note

The precise step as a way of not easily forgetting technically is to take notes. For example, to-do-list that should be done on that day, a shopping record or another record. A note is similar to a task or personal assistant that plays a role to remind your schedule or need.

You can do this activity in the evening or early morning before your activity. Making notes can also be a major therapeutic effect on the brain in terms of organizing ability. So the brain will be trained to work priorities and remember where important things are laid.

2. Brain Gymnastics

Training the brain or brain gymnastics periodically can also avoid senile. This is because brain gymnastics can keep the brain actively working, not idle. As with anybody that needs exercise to keep muscles, the brain also needs gymnastics to be fit.

Some of the activities that can be done to keep the brain active are by filling in crosswords or Sudoku, playing chess, playing puzzles, playing the brain activity stimulant games, and so on.

Replacing a roundtrip route to the house can also be one simple brain gymnastics to stimulate brain performance to be more active. By changing the route, you can also see new things that can make your brain fresher.

3. Reading

In addition to brain gymnastics, the cognitive abilities of the brain can also be trained by reading books. Practice yourself to read at least two pages a day, every day, at the same time. This exercise aims to make reading a habit.

Reading can make your brain easy in concentrating and making it a regular thought. In addition to reading, you can also practice visual abilities and make the brain save a variety of new vocabulary. Reading can be similar to fitness brains, making it healthy.

If the habit of reading is carried out continuously, the risk of senile or forgetting can be avoided even though you are elderly.

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4. Learn New Things

Another way to make brain performance the maximum is to learn new things. If the new thing is indeed your interest or hobby. Learning new things can stimulate the brain to improvise by not only doing monotonous routines.

The new activities that are recommended can stimulate both body and mind so that it always moves. One of the activities that can be applied is learning a new language. Besides adding knowledge, language learning also requires memory to absorb new vocabulary.

5. Listen To Music

Another activity that can make your memory sharper is to listen to music. Based on research done, music has a powerful power to remember memories. But, do not take paper when listening to music.

When someone is absorbing important information, it can be done along with listening to a specific song. So to remember the information, you can recall it by remembering the songs you listen to. That is why some people increase the concentration of learning by listening to certain songs.

6. Managing Stress

There can be no people who don't stress. But to keep in mind is stress can raise blood pressure, lower the immune system and make the skin unhealthy. Even stress can make memory performance decrease. Therefore, managing stress is a way of not being easy to forget or not to be senile.

One way to manage stress is by meditation. Or for you who are Muslims can be added diligently to do prayers. This can make many minds more unravel and can also calm you down.

In addition to meditation, fun or laughter can also make a tense brain to relax. If you are too busy, take the time to relax, have a holiday or laugh with friends and family. That way the brain doesn't become tense and can work well for storing memory.

7. Sports

Paying attention to physical fitness by exercising has an influence that is also significant to refrain from senile. The reason, exercising can smooth blood flow in the body, including blood flow in the brain.

A healthy brain is determined also by the amount of blood and oxygen flowing into the brain. For that exercise can make the concentration increase and avoid senile

You can do light workouts regularly, for example walking in the morning. Doing the morning walk for 15 to 30 minutes, giving its benefits such as air is still clean and morning sunlight.

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