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Do Yo Know : 12 Traits Unliked By Others?

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Do Yo Know : 12 Traits Unliked By Others?
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In realizing it or not, humans always have two opposite traits of one another, namely good and bad manners.  As human beings, we are at the value of others based on our daily conduct.  In our daily life, there are some traits that others do not like. Therefore, we must avoid these qualities. 

There are at least 12 traits that others do not like, including the following:

1. Complaining

Complaining like throwing away trash disappointment to others. Telling disappointment, worries, trouble, as if he were quite pesky.

People like this will complain just because the sun's heat is disturbing the skin. Normally he will always ask for pity, need attention or wants to be heard. Stop the habit of complaining, not everyone will be used as a recycle Bin. No need to bring a feeling of resentment to others.

Tips for you : Think not only you're having a problem, maybe someone else has a problem that's heavier than you.

2. Don't Know Yourself

People who don't know themselves usually do something on their own, without thinking about others. Think short and always want to win yourself. People like this always think "like a person", visiting a neighbor's house until late, borrowing a book and restoring it in a long time even tears without apologizing, or wearing items without asking permission first.

Tips for you : Think if you are, how you feel? Do you want when treated with the same thing?

3. Bragging

People who like the big crap usually have amazing stories about him. He loves to boast about his greatness. He also had ideas that sounded "wah ", like to shake promises but never kept them.

Tips for you : Get in the habit of listening, don't be hooked by stories about others that can make you want to talk also with the same or exceed the previous person's story. Listen to your shows attention to the story, thus you will be more like.

4. Outrageous

Not only want to know the problems of others, but people like this also have a habit of talking unuseful without thinking about the feelings of others. Sometimes he likes to joke about the thing that is not funny but it can hurt the feelings of others, he is clever to interrupt talks with the scoff. Strangely, this piece of man always considers himself humorous and considerate of others.

Tips fpr you : Think if you are being taunted by someone else, are you willing to receive initiation from others? Speaking as needed only and listening to others ' talks to completion will make you more appreciated by others.

5. To Explain Others

Talking about gossip with friends is fun, especially there is someone who is smart to make talks become fun. Not everyone likes slanted stories about others, sometimes gossip is not always true, little things can be great.

Tips for you : You may not like gossip but must be separated with gossips, don't hate it, because it can add to your own enemies. If you like to explain to others, your hobby is coming off, immediately leave this habit, because at times it can be your turn to be hacked.

6. Stubborn

A stubborn man always thinks of winning in the slightest thing, he will still defend his principle without willing to listen to others, he will still be insistent with trivial things. He was not interested in listening to or paying attention to matters relating to other people's activities. The Ego is self-directed so it is very difficult to accept the mistakes or advice of others.

Tips for you : Think rationally about the benefits you can get with your disputed things. What advantages can you be? Wouldn't it make you increasingly get away from friends? For things that can be frequently you may remain for the insistent, but being open to accepting others can also enrich your own horizons.

7. Stingy

Stingy people are usually more pleased to share than sharing. He will always say that he has no money when his friend needs help when he has money-saving to buy new jeans. Stingy people usually not only to others, sometimes he willingly does not eat good only money is afraid to run out.

Tips for you : Sharing happiness with others has a more meaningful value that can't be judged with any money. Being sincere when giving by feeling happiness, sharing pleasure with others will make your own feel happy and familiar to him.

8. Lying

Sometimes lying still can be tolerated, but if it becomes a hobby will be a disease. People who like to lie create lies spontaneously, creatively and seem natural that they are easily trusted by others. This kind of person will continue to lie continuously to cover the previous lies.

Tips for you : No need to lie, learn to say honestly and endure consequences with great souls. Lying once then means you'll lie for so on and at times you can just forget the lies you created yourself, as a result, others will never trust you anymore.

9. Has No Establishment

People who do not have the foundation often feel confused with the attitude to be taken, the things that become the Princivilian can be shakable only by seduction or persuasion of others. Beliefs can also change at any time so people get harder to believe in them.

Tips for you : You must establish a particular attitude that is best for yourself and useful to others, this attitude continues to be strengthened with the conviction of the truth according to the principles you make. Make up for yourself every time you find something that can shake your principle beforehand, isolate which one you can do and which it shouldn't be.

Arrogant people feel self-superior, have a strong ego. He felt he was more powerful than someone else, likely to disparage, like to reproach and criticize others. Donnish people usually also like to show off, feel elite, picky friends and arrogant.

Tips for you : Change your pixel's way of looking at others, no one has an advantage if it's not the goodness. You can be a great man just because of kindness to others, others who judge not yourself.

11. Is Sensitive

Irritable, angry, like to assess the attitudes of others that he considers to have attacked his feelings are traits of sensitive people. He is easily offended by the words and attitudes of others. Usually, he is also careful with his own attitudes and words because he hopes that the same is the person to him.

Tips for you : Sensitive people will be away from people because they are afraid of you, afraid you are offended or upset about it. Accepting others with positive thinking will hinder negative feelings appearing that can ruin your mood, suppose a joke you deserve to laugh at. Don't be offended!

12. Lazy

Lazy people are usually formed from everyday habits. Lazy people are very dependent on others, he will find a certain reason to avoid the task he should do, eventually, people like this also shy away from responsibility. If he does a job always expect a reward or seeks an award that the task he is working on is quite heavy when he will choose a lighter job than his friends.

That's 12 traits that others don't like. We do not want those qualities to exist in ourselves. So we have to try to get rid of it all the way. Hopefully this article is helpful for you and of course for me too.

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