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Do You Want To Live Happily? Try These 10 Tips!

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Do You Want To Live Happily? Try These 10 Tips!

Who doesn't want to live happily? I think there is no because small children to adulthood surely want to feel happy life.

But remember, happy it is unconditional. Happiness can emerge suddenly and disappear. It depends as to what you have in mind at the time.

Not that you can't bring up a sense of happiness. There are a lot of things that you can do to make your happiness appear and last a long time in yourself and your mind.

After all, happy life is actually relatively not difficult. The thing that makes it difficult is you've got the castle first, so happy it's hard to come. To help you be happy, here are 10 happy life tips that you deserve to try from now on.

1. Strengthen Your Gratitude

Although man is God's most perfect creation, the fact is that there is no perfect life for man. There must be a shortage. Precisely because it has that lack, as a human you need to multiply the sense of gratitude.

With gratitude, you'll always feel enough. It will not be burdened with excessive taste. Will be kept away from craving for greedy.

Feeling sufficient and always grateful will make your life quieter. With a quiet life, happiness will be all around you.

2. Always Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is one of the happy life tips that you can immediately apply to everyday life. By always striving to keep the mind positive, you will be spared from the burden of bad minds that are just distancing yourself from the feeling of happiness.

How big and complicated the problem you are facing, keep facing with positive thoughts. That there is nothing wrong with the bad happenings in your life.

Everything always saves wisdom. Live how you are addressing the meaning and wisdom of each event positively.

Remember, people who keep their minds positive will be much happier than those who are busy thinking of viability in life.

3. Share A Lot

Sharing against others is a simple act but has a huge impact on creating a sense of happiness. Start from the little things at home such as helping to settle the house or cook in the kitchen.

Look around you whether there is to be assisted. Not necessarily related to the material because sharing can be done in many ways. Especially in relieving the burden of other people's minds.

4. Simply Resting

The happy life tips that are not less important are enough sleep and rest. Why can it be? Tired bodies after a day of activity must be rested.

The ideal time required to sleep for an adult is between 7-8 hours. Less than that means you will likely be unhappy.

With enough sleep then the body has time for recovery (recovery). Try to feel the difference when waking from sleeping enough with less sleep because it is exhausted. Definitely more comfortable waking up after enough sleep, isn't it?

5. Laugh A Lot


Laughing to be a panacea that can instantly make your life happy. This is a recommended therapy when you are always covered with anxiety and restlessness.

Meet friends who can make you laugh. By laughing automatically The hassles in life will disappear.

According to the results of the study, when we laugh then the body will produce endorphin hormones that trigger a sense of happiness. Laughing will make the immune system work 87% more effectively. So, with laughter, you will not only be happy but also live a healthier life.

6. Wake Up Early

The morning wake up routine will make the body healthier and fresher. With a fresh and optimistic mind condition, you will also be able to face all the challenges of life.

The reason, with the optimism that is in the chest, people will be quieter in living life. They are always confident that any activity covered by a positive aura will produce good results. One of them is being able to feel happy life. And, it starts with a morning wake up routine.

7. Routine Exercise

In a healthy body, there is a strong soul. Then it's a regular exercise. No need to be an expensive member of the fitness club. A light exercise like jogging in the morning will help your life be happier.

Why do people who regularly exercise can be happy? Exercise is an activity that can increase the number of serotonin hormones in the body.

This hormone triggers a sense of happiness in our minds and souls. The more routine we exercise, then we will continue to feel happy.

8. A Quiet Getaway

One of the things that makes life unhappy is the condition of the mind that is not quiet. Well, the next happy life tips are to try a vacation in a quiet place.

If according to the mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, every view there are residents who are often angry or look less happy then he advocated for a vacation.

It is true, with vacation your mind will be quieter. Therefore, try the destination holiday is that can give peace. Like the villages in Ubud, Bali, which is full of tranquility and peace.

Do not travel to places that people like the zoo many visits. Because it will only attempt to make yourself happy so messy.

9. Don't Compare Neighboring Grass

The grass of neighbors does often looks greener. Never see the condition of others from the point of view of the speech.

In fact, when you always feel jealous of the success that others have experienced, then you will automatically be shackled with negative thoughts. You will also always be burdened until your own stress.

Remember, everyone has already determined the destiny of his life and there has never been the same exactly. It may be that those who succeed financially are not as happy as you in enjoying life.

10. Multiple Investment Hereafter

Believe it or not, live in this world a temporary, eternal one in the hereafter. Therefore, multiply your hereafter investment. That way, you have the capital for the ultimate happiness.

If you are Muslim, your hereafter investment can be to run the command of Allah Almighty and avoid his prohibition. To perform the prayer 5 time, pay Zakah, fasting in the month of Ramadan, perform Hajj/Umrah, and to the orphans are examples of running the command of Allah Almighty.

Or if you are a Christian, then you can follow the Sunday worship at church. If you are Buddhist then you must diligently worship to the temple, if you are a Hindu then you can worship to the temple and if you are a Jew then you can worship in the synagogue better yet.

It is not an abundant treasure, not a high position and popularity. However, happy it appears in a clean heart and a calm soul. Hopefully, 10 happy life tips above help you your life happy starting from now on.

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