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Life Inspiration-Measure The Value Of Happiness

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Value Of Happiness
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Life Inspiration-In the following article I try to review a pretty interesting theme that is about the size of the value of happiness. 

This theme I adopted because there are still many of us wrong in the measure of the value of happiness correctly. Please see the following review, who knows how to change your viewpoint about the meaning and value of happiness.

Feeling happy is an abstract thing because happiness can only be felt. The measure of the value of happiness will depend heavily upon us on how to look at something with a correct perspective. If we are wrong in the interpretation of it then we will also be wrong in the judge.

In the reality of life, we have never experienced and felt suffering or happiness. Have we ever tried to judge ourselves, why do we sometimes feel mediocre when we are constantly with our loved ones? But on the other hand, why do we feel so happy when we meet our loved ones after all this time and never meet?

In life, there is a law of nature that we must know that without any suffering we will never feel happiness. Do you believe it? The reality I convey above is a reality we ought to ponder. Why do we feel so happy when meeting people who have not met us long ago? Because we have suffered suffering from being separated by distance and time so that when we meet with it we will feel tremendous happiness. 

Instead, we just do not experience suffering because every day and every time we are with our loved ones. Therefore we tend to think it is ordinary. That means the happiness we feel is reduced in value because we think it's normal to experience it.

Another example is how happy it was when someone poor when he was holding and earning a hundred thousand rupiah money that he had never felt and had. Why did he feel so happy? Because he had been through the previous suffering. For him, one hundred thousand dollars was something he never imagined before. On the other hand, the rich value of one hundred thousand dollars is a normal thing that is not even meant because every day he has it?

So what do you think? 

Sometimes we always think that success is the key to happiness. With success being a rich man of much money and treasure we feel that it will be a guarantee of happiness for us. But in fact, it is not the case? How many people are already wealthy but his life has never felt happiness at all. He is often sickly, his family is messy and so on. The point of his life looks from the outside if he is a person who is sure to be happy because he is rich, but, in reality, is not the case.

The truth is that happiness will be the key to success. If we feel happy and happy with what we do then it is difficult whatever the problem will all feel light, is not it? So the key is that we are pleased with what we do then the success is just waiting for the time.

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More and less trade is just a mere comparison. Can't believe it? Take a look at the examples below.

People who have a car for two hundred million will feel that he is richer if compared with his neighbors who only have a motorcycle costing ten million dollars. But he will also look poor if later visit and meet a businessman who has a car for one billion dollars. So there is nothing to be in the hunch because more or less is just a matter of comparison only and it does not guarantee a bliss. Syukuri and enjoy what we have achieved and do not compare it with what others have.

The conclusion is happiness is a feeling that arises where we have experienced the previous suffering, and it is a natural thing. The size of the value of happiness depends heavily on who is experiencing and how he sees it from a different point of view. Poor does not mean unhappy, wealthy nor guarantees to be happy. So the point of sight that will give value to the meaning of happiness.

That's a short article about Measure The Value Of Happiness. Hopefully, this article can help you in looking at the value of happiness.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Don't forget to read more useful articles in this blog.

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