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Tips How To Overcome Nervousness When Facing Exams At School

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How To Overcome Nervousness

In this article, I will share an article about  Tips how to overcome nervousness when facing test tests.

These tips are very useful especially for those of you who are in the education of both schools and colleges. These tips are also useful for those of you who are applying for a job and will undergo an entrance exam test at the company you are applying for.

As we know together that a test or test is a process that must be faced by a disciple as a condition of obtaining his graduation. In almost all levels and any kind of education, both formal and non-formal must apply the final exam. Both public schools and private schools also apply final examinations without exceptions.

Although you have done the previous preparations with the way of learning and practice, often at the time of the exam occurs a feeling of groggy, nervous, nervous even confusion. When such feelings are about you, then your brain feels blank or empty. All the lessons you train and learn before feel disappear from your memory.

Often we hear when the national exam finishes, for example, a student who has always been the most intelligent class and student champion in his class turns out to get a small national exam value and far from expectations. He was even defeated by a friend of his friends who his temper far below him. Even once we hear the news of a class champion students does not pass the national exam.

The question is why does this happen? Here is the repeat, please read the fine.


Human Brain Nervous System
image via freepick

The human brain is divided into 3 types of brain reptilian, limbic system, and neocortex

1. Reptilian Brain (Brain Lizard)

It is called a reptile brain or lizard because this part of the brain was originally owned by the animal group. And this part of the brain is also found in the human brain, which is called the brainstem. In the academic world and many of the brain literature, this reptile is often shortened to 4F, which mean is referred to like fighting, blurred, eating and mating. Are all those behaviors also in humans?

The function of this part of the brain is to control the function of the human heart rate, respiratory and instinct or respond against a situation such as threatened or dangerous. The ability of this part of the brain is more to the ability to survive or survive.

2. The Limbic System (Brain Mammals)

It is located in the middle part of the human brain and wraps the brainstem.

The function of this part of the brain is more to respond to feelings like fear, disappointment, sadness, disgust and so on. Also, the other function is to control vital functions in the human body such as blood circulation, digestion and also regulate the temperature of the human body. Long-term human memory is also stored in this part of the mammalian brain.

3. Neocortex

The function of this part of the brain is to think. So when you learn and practice, all the memories are stored in the brain. This part of the brain is what distinguishes between man and beast in that the existence of this part of the brain has its sense in its use to think and distinguish between good and bad.

Neocortex's brain part is divided into two parts, namely the left and right.

The left brain function is as an intellectual intellect, meaning that the left brain has a function to analyze, think logically, and everything related to mathematical calculations.

The right brain function is as spiritual intelligence, meaning the right brain has a function for things related to intuition or feeling, art, creativity, holistic and so on.

Then what is the connection with feelings of nervousness and groggy while we are testing?

When we are nervous and groggy then the active brain nerve is a part of the reptile brain. It causes your thinking skills to not get out because it is obstructed by the nerve.

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Here are some tips to avoid and overcome those nervousness, among others:

1. Enough Sleep

According to some good sleep, health experts are seven (7) to eight (8) hours. When you are the next morning to get up early and leave the exam, then try the night you should not be awake. Sleep early so you can fit in the morning. Keep your gadgets away for a while to keep your sleep uninterrupted, if you need to turn it off. Enough sleep besides making your body fresh also makes your brain get adequate oxygen intake.

2. Praying

Before you start working on the exam questions, you should take the time to pray first. It can make you feel calmer because you trust and believe that God will help you.

3. Breath and close your eyes

When you suddenly feel blank and a little panicked, you can try to breathe a deep breath while closing your eyes for a moment to calm your feelings.

4. Fix your sitting position

Your less-comfortable sitting position can be a trigger for your discomfort. Immediately improve your sitting position. Take the position of the back upright on the seat.

5. Believe in Yourself

You must be planted in your mind that you can certainly work on the exam questions. Confidence will make you relax and can motivate yourself. Think about the exam is something you are concerned about as a class increase test. Do not imagine that the test problem was very difficult or scary as a ghost. Make yourself think of a positive side only and throw away the negative thoughts of yourself.

So, those are some tips to overcome the nervousness that arise while you are working on the exam, hopefully, useful to all of you.

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