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7 Common Health Problems In Adolescents

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7 Common Health Problems In Adolescents

Young children is a child between aged 10 to 18 years old. At that age, there was apparently a health risk lurking. The growth phase of the spurt is happening very quickly. Good physical growth, psychic, cognitive, reproductive. To support rapid growth, optimal nutritional intake is required.

But unfortunately, according to Dr. Pattiselano Robert Johan, An Officials Of Dirjen Public Health Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia, teenagers in Indonesia are experiencing nutritional problems.

Among other anemia, stunting, too thin body, obesity, and some other types. Parents are asked to continue to pay attention to nutritional intake for their teenage children. Do not have the following problems.


Anemia occurs due to a lack of iron intake in food and beverages daily. "If it has been like this, it can leave a decline in immunity, concentration, performance, fitness, and productivity," said Robert in the youth health and nutrition Seminar.

Anemia is a disease that occurs due to a lack of iron intake in food and beverages daily. Anemia experienced by teenage girls will have a big impact as it can enlarge the risk of maternal mortality. Consume a lot of consumption of red meat, green vegetables, and food containing iron to prevent anemia.

In particular, the anemia experienced by teenage girls has a more serious impact than men, because considering they are expectant mothers. If this is not resolved, it will enlarge the risk of maternal mortality, premature infants, and low birth baby weight. Give red meat, green vegetables, and iron-containing products as daily intake of teenage children

The most common and easy to overcome Anemia is iron nutrient Anemia. This type of Anemia can be treated with food consumption-foods containing high iron such as liver, meat, chicken, fish, nuts and green vegetables. Aside from the dietary intake, iron in the blood can also be increased with the consumption of tablets of blood added once a week.


Chronic nutritional problems caused by insufficient nutrient intake in a long time due to food delivery that does not fit the nutritional needs. Stunting can lead to diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and obesity.

Stunting or more familiar is known as a short body is a condition due to poor or chronic malnutrition and affects the child's height and brain development in the next age. Stunting has become a national problem with the results of basic health Research in 2013 is 37.2% of Indonesian children are stunted. 

The prevalence was increased between 2007 and 2010. Apparently, Indonesia also not only ' storing ' toddlers stunting, but also threatened by the prevalence of skinny and very thin toddlers at 12.1%. The condition of the toddler is thin and very thin, if it continues to be left then it will lead to stunting. This will certainly be a ' new donation ' for the stunting burden in Indonesia.

A total of 53 percent of adolescents experienced severe energy deficiency and 48 percent of severe protein deficiency. A greater risk occurs in young women, expectant mothers, where nutritional deficiency will have an impact on maternal and liver health during pregnancy and childbirth as a child is born with low birth weight.

Stunting has certainly become a serious threat to all the nations of the world, including Indonesia because in 2030 Indonesia experienced the peak of demographic bonuses with a much more productive age than the amount of unproductive age. This means the quality of productive age in the year 2030, very dependent on the quality of toddlers today and also the quality of prospective mothers who will bear the next generation of the nation.


The cause of this problem could be due to incorrect intake patterns, fear of grease, and unhealthy diets. "If already hit by less chronic energy, it can cause various infectious diseases. Therefore, we must consume nutritious food, "said Robert.

If you consume foods that are not nutritious, you can get infected with less chronic energy. The cause is an incorrect intake pattern and an unhealthy diet.


Robert explained that according to the Global Health Survey 2015 Causes of obesity include a poor adolescent diet. As is infrequent breakfast, eat fewer fiber foods, often consume flavoring foods and less activity. This causes the risk of a person to be overweight, even obese.

This terrible disease is very vulnerable to young people. As explained before, many teenagers are not careful in choosing food. A live pattern that continuously eats fast food can be one of the causes. Especially if there is not much movement, ready to be affected by obesity.


Data showed an increase in cases of diabetes that attacked children and adolescents. Horrified also yes. Mere information, diabetes is a disease characterized by high levels of sugar in the blood. The habit of drinking too often a sweet drink and soft drink can be the cause of diabetes. But, that's just one of the causes.


As a teenager, you will be faced with a variety of challenges and difficult choices. This can make you feel depressed. In fact, the brain in adolescence has not evolved perfectly, so it can make you increasingly stressed even depression when it is not strong to face the most severe problems. 

From, depression is a type of complex mental disorder that makes the sufferer feel sad, hopeless and worthless. Dr. Dharmawan Ardi Purnama, Sp. KJ says depression is a disease that should be treated. 

The disease has two symptoms namely major and minor. Major crate loses interest, easily tired, feeling bored, sad, hollow and empty while minor symptoms include insomnia, loss of appetite, feeling lost, pessimistic, lost hope, muscle aches and headaches. If in two weeks, every day, there is a minimum of 2 major symptoms and 1 minor symptom is perceived, then it is a sign of depression.


The problem of susceptible health occurs in adolescent age is an autoimmune disease. So this disease will occur when the body's immune system invades organs or cells in the body. Examples of this disease are psoriasis, rheumatism, and lupus. Usually, the biggest risk factor is heredity.

Anxious anxiety disorder is a condition that is naturally experienced by many people. However, anxiety can be a distraction when he is constantly and regularly occurring. "The difference between anxiety disorder with normal anxiety is anxiety disorder makes people suffer and experience dysfunction," said Sally Winston, PsyD, director of Anxiety and Stress Disorder Institute of Maryland at Towson as quoted from From the Pew Research Center of research to teenagers in the United States, anxiety problems due to unrest caused by them are required to be good, pressure looks cool and the difficulty adjusting nationally.

In order to avoid the health problems above, you should start now to regulate your life patterns to avoid any health problems.

Hopefully this article will give an added value to you.

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