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Acne Myths In Adolescents – Causes And How To Solve

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Acne Myths In Adolescents – Causes And How To Solve
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Acne is a small lump that makes the face so seamless and makes confidence go down. Especially if the little ones have started to grow, the red and make a sense of discomfort, even the head hurts due to his presence. The little ones are often stubborn and come even if you don't invite them.

Well, of many things about acne, myths surrounding acne jazz her presence. From a pile of myths in circulation, we will discuss three of them, namely:

1. Dirty Face Cause Acne

If you don't clean the face weeks, there will come something worse than just acne. But continuously cleanse the face in one day for fear of acne comes also not good for your skin. Just clean the face twice a day. Too often cleanse the facial skin will only make it more susceptible to infection.

2. Fatty And Sweet Foods Bring Pimples

There has not been any research that can show the connection between the appearance of acne and the food that one consumed. Obese people may not have acne problems than those who are thin-body. In other words, fats will not be absorbed by the body to make them pimples on the skin.

3. Ultraviolet Lens Acne

The warm flavor of sunlight can be simple, but UV rays are not. Your skin will be dark because it is cast with UV rays. After all, that is why acne stains will appear faded. But when your skin goes back to the original color, acne stains on the skin will not disappear. Furthermore, letting the skin exposed to UV rays will only increase the risk of skin cancer.

For the record, if you feel that the unipotent lotion or acne medication solves the problem of acne, it can be a signal that there is nothing wrong with your digestive health. Because of this, it doesn't hurt if you visit the expert in the disease to solve acne problems that never disappear.


Causes of acne in adolescent male as published in the are as follows:

1. Touching The Face

The first habit to cause acne in men is often overlooked is touching the face. Many do not realize that in palms some bacteria and impurities can cause health disorders, including triggering acne.

When a clean hand touches the face, the bacteria and dirt will stick to the skin and clog the pores. Not only hands, but other objects that often stick to the face such as masks, handphone, and sweat that is not cleaned can also be the cause of acne in men.

2. Ignoring Hair Care

Not a few men often neglect hair care, such as shampooing. This activity is not only mandatory for women, but also men. As a man, it's good if you do shampooing every two times a day or once a week.

If this is ignored, the hair will produce an odor that is less savory and appears to be due to sweat, as well as the dust attached will cause interference to your face. Similarly, the presence of mustache and beard is not preserved.

3. Cigarette And Alcohol Consumption

One of the causes of acne in men is the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. When compared with women, the number of active smokers is more men. Alcohol consumption can also stimulate inappropriate hormonal activity, triggering an increase in the face of oil production. No wonder when these two habits bring an impact on the growth of pimples on the face.

4. Wrong Eating Habits

Do you realize that the food consumed daily turned out to be the cause of acne in men? These foods include fatty and oily snacks. Therefore, this wrong eating habit is important to be repaired immediately in order not to cause interference to the skin.

5. Stress Factor

Lastly, the cause of acne in men who are often unconscious is a stress factor. This stress can attack anyone, especially the man in his activity. Unfortunately, not many men know if stress can lead to the coming of acne. This is due to the muscles around the face that strain and causes the sweat glands in the skin to increase. Therefore, it's good if you vent the burden of your mind by walking or vent to your closest friends.

This is like the skin and genital specialist, Dr. Gloria Novelita, SpKK, that if at the age of teenagers the acne is more and heavier on the male.

Hormonal Factors

The ONSET of acne often occurs during puberty between the ages of 14 to 19 years caused by hormonal changes. The results also showed a total of 85% of the population experiencing acne at the age of 15 to 25 years and more occurring in adolescent males.

This is because the oil gland (the subsea gland) is more active in lazy. Also, the cause of more acne in adolescent males is because the androgen hormone is bigger than women.

Therefore, acne scars are often seen in men. However, in principle for the treatment of acne against men and women is the same.

For the treatment in principle is medically the same between men and women. Only that distinguishes usually if men are more likely to like with practical treatment. So it's not too much trouble.

Usually to treat acne can be done with skincare at home using a facial cleanser, astringent and sunscreen moisturizer, but still as needed.

How To Cope With Acne In Teenagers

The treatment of acne on 1 person is not the same as others, due to different skin types, different causes of acne and different types of acne.

Here is how to overcome the emergence of acne in adolescents as published in the by the following:
  • Wash your face 2 times a day with a soap that matches the skin type, if your skin is oily, you can use antibacterial soap.
  • Cleans the face from sweat as soon as possible so as not to clog pores and cause acne to arise
  • Manage Stress.
  • Avoid squeezing your pimples.
  • Give the drug greasing containing benzoyl peroxide/salicylic acid that can treat acne while smoothing your face.
  • Taking antibiotic medications such as clindamycin if necessary to reduce infections.
  • Avoid acne triggering foods.
That's a review of acne myths in adolescents – causes and how to overcome them.

Hopefully this article will give some benefit to you.

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