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Be Grateful For What We have, Don't Expect More Because It Will Make Us Disappointed

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Be Grateful For What We have

Answer this question honestly: "Do you feel happy with your current life or do you want something else different?"

It is a very natural and humane thing when we want a better life. But sometimes we allow negative emotions to overwhelm ourselves to make us forget what we have now.

Maybe because we see our friends or whoever shares some of his lifestyle on social media, take an example of Instagram for example, how they live as if happy forever without ever experiencing the tribulation. Eat nice here-here, vacation to the Lux, and fancy tourist attractions and drive the latest car output.

On the other hand, we then see ourselves living simple and earthy. To eat a good meal-delicious, just to be able to eat only we still have to struggle every day. Let's have a vacation to a luxury place, just to have a holiday at home we can't because every day we have to work and strive for a living.

These differences then make us feel inferior and discouraged, even sometimes thought of why the Lord is unfair to ourselves?

It is not a secret if everyone must always want a better life. Sometimes we always think why the grass in the neighbor's yard can be greener in comparison with our yard. Why can others be more fortunate than we are? Why are others more successful than we are, and so on. Then we think and the opposite of how yummy if we can exchange a position with them?

There is one thing we forget, we sometimes only see something objectively from one side to the other, the appearance. We are not trying to see deeper that in reality no matter how successful a person is, how rich they are, they remain the same as we have problems in their lives. Sometimes even the problems that exist with themselves are far greater than the problems that exist with us, and we never know that.

One of our mistakes is to sometimes measure everything with money. Even when we are struggling to be financially self-reliant, we always hope to earn enough income and no shortage. However, did after feeling financially enough then would not come to another challenge? There will always be another challenge that arises because there is essentially no word enough for humans. After getting one thing then a man will pursue another desire. So on and there will be no end until the man dies.

I don't require that we feel sufficient and financially free. Although, we still have to develop such a mindset. My point is that regardless of whether we are rich or poor, still alone or in a relationship, we should always be and remain happy. How do we learn about this happiness? Can we learn to be happy with our current circumstances?

Working Through Your Troubles

The main key to the learning process of a happy life is to always be grateful for what we already have, don't expect more because it will make us disappointed. Grateful that whatever we get and we have it is the best thing that the Lord has given us. Always be prejudiced to God and not to blame God for what is happening in our lives. Always remember, that God is sure and always wants the best for us.

The next processor stage is to instill an understanding of ourselves that life is a constantly evolving process. Sometimes we will experience difficulties, pains, and struggles, while at other times we will experience rejoicing, joy, and success.

A prominent figure that Winston Churchill once said: "Success consists of failure, but to fail without loss of enthusiasm." According to him to succeed, we must not lose enthusiasm regardless of the difficulties we face.

The challenge will help us to sharpen our character's saw eyes. I have had a lot of challenges throughout my life. There are times where I think I am destined to be a failing person. Not that I do not want to succeed, but every time I try, I always experience failure. I think life is always against me and I am comparing myself to others who succeed. But the lesson has contributed to my personal development. What you believe to be a detrimental thing may be the greatest thing for our personal growth.

A Word Of Wisdom Says, "Obstacles Are The Way."

Does it make sense? Can we appreciate what is happening beyond the expectation that we imagine? When we are walking and then the middle of the journey we find a barrier or obstacle what will we do? Whether trying to get rid of these obstacles and continuing our journey or if we choose to go back and take another way so as not to experience those obstacles.

For me, it would be much better if we tried to get rid of these obstacles because we know after we get rid of them we can continue our journey. What about you?

When we work to overcome our problems, life will not look gloomy as we think. Life only looks like that when we are stuck in a certain way of life and can't find a way out. We are like mice in a lab experiment, spinning on a wheel without ever ending and without getting out.

The key is in our hands and lies in our ability to find solutions to the problems we face. Stop to continue comparing ourselves to others, because we realize it is vanity and unproductive. We must be motivators for ourselves, counselors if we want to conquer the challenges in our lives.

So, that is an article about be grateful for what we have, do not expect more because it will make us disappointed. Hopefully, it can inspire all of us.

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