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Don't Give Up, Failure Is Part Of Your Success Process

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Don't Give Up, Failure Is Part Of Your Success Process

Most of us who live in this world always strive and work hard to increase our income and income to support the survival of our families and to help our relatives, relatives or companions who need help and assistance. It is possible that among us are struggling to conquer all forms of routine or addiction and to get rid of the lazy way to go to work. 

We may have been striving and tried very hard but eventually remained as well. We continue to strive and strive again but we get back again. We may be thinking of giving up because it is always sane and failing whereas we feel that we have tried and strive to the fullest following our abilities. After that, we tend to feel discouraged or even feel very depressed. Of course, this is very natural to happen to ourselves.

Failure is a very natural thing experienced by everyone in life. What needs to be understood is that failure is not the end of the struggle but failure is part of the process of achieving success. We tend to hear more stories from people about their success, both word of mouth and by reading through articles that are widely available on the Internet. 

How those people started their home business and gained a very lucrative income, but we didn't realize it was an oddity when viewed from the spectrum of success. We do not dive further, the success that they achieve will not necessarily apply to us. Most of us have to go through a struggle that is not very easy and must pass many failures before finally achieving success. Reading a story of success is legitimate as a breakthrough of motivation and so we can keep fighting and not easy to give up whenever we meet failure.

If you are in a comfortable zone, that means you are an employee or an office worker who already has a steady income and measurable every month, then you may already feel enough to meet all your life needs. But as an employee then you don't turn-off to be a rich person, because there's no such thing as an employee being a wealthy person without having another source of income or passive income. If you want to be wealthy, then you should not be an employee but be an entrepreneur or a business performer.

But I do not advise you to leave your work if you have not felt confident about it, because of its enormous risk. You can take this option if you already have around and strong determination for it.

Returning to the original topic, that we need to invest in us that success will not be achieved without going through a struggle, and in every struggle is always needed sacrifice and risk of failure. You have to prepare your mind to confront it because not everyone will be tough when the effort it has to undergo failure. Eventually, they felt regret, frustration, and inferiority. You shouldn't behave that way if you want to succeed, the soul of your fighters should be your fertilizer continues every day.

The key is not to give up, keep trying, and strive. Believe in ourselves, belief in the abilities of ourselves, and don't forget to keep learning.

Never give up because what you are and go through is not a simple and easy thing, if you have thought just once to give up then your life will become increasingly difficult

A fundamental question for you, do you want to go through an easy life or a difficult life? By thinking about the answer to this question, think about the options you can take. The easiest option is to stay in your safe and comfortable zone, as there is no risk. But I would say once again that being in the safe zone means we have hindered and closed ourselves to the possibilities and opportunities of our development to achieve a greater purpose.

Is it interesting enough for you? Does this mean that you are willing to explore your abilities? I make sure to you, that the challenge allows us to dig deeper into our abilities than to dwell only in comfort zones.

Our self-development will only happen if we want and are willing to do new challenges in our lives. Indeed the circumstances will not be immediately perfect as we imagine. We can achieve it through hard work and a tough struggle.

We feel obligated to always be safe so often feel uncomfortable.

Does this include one of the most interesting ideas for you? Do you need to dare to step out of your comfort zone, does it mean learning about a new skill, routine, or opposite?

We always think that we are obliged to feel safe, so we are even so insecure. Sometimes giving up may seem to be a necessity, but most of us can learn to channel the skills we gain from our efforts and use them to turn in new directions or increase a greater understanding of our goals.

As your passion strikes, here I will share some thoughtful quotes from some of the world's figures who can be your inspiration, among others:

1. "It is natural to enjoy success, but more importantly it can learn from failure" (By Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft)

2. "If we are afraid to fail, that means we have limited our ability" (By Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company)

3. "The biggest failure is when we never Try" (By Robyn Allan, CEO of British Columbia)

4. "The most precious victory in life is not unfailing, but rather how we can rise every time we meet failure" (By Nelson Mandela, former president of Ansel)

5. "Do not despair just because of some failure. In life, you only need one success "(By Aristotle, the Greek philosopher)

6. "Success goes from one failure to another, without us losing the Spirit" (By Abraham Lincoln, former president of the United States)

7. "Many failures in life are because people don't realize how close they are to succeed as they succumb" (By Thomas Alva Edison, the eminent scientist)

8. "Just a second of thinking about failure, then you will be right – completely failed" (By George Shultz)

9. "Better fail respectably, than success with cheating" (By Sophocles, Greek literary)

10. "Good people become wiser after passing a failure" (By William Saroyan)

11. "Don't see the past with regret. Don't look at the future with fear. But see your surroundings in mindfulness "(By James Thurber)

12. "Our greatest pride is never failing, but rather how it rises every time we Fall" (By Confucius, the Chinese philosopher)


To achieve success and success is not an easy thing as we hear and read. It takes effort and hard work over ourselves to grab it. Prepare for the risk of failure that we are likely to face and not easily give up. If you have a failure, arise immediately, start your efforts again. never felt desperate and thought to surrender. Don't give up, failure is part of your success process

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