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How To Tackling Youth Issues And Probelms

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How To Tackling Youth Issues Anda Probelms

Many teenagers in the world today so underestimate the illness posed by the consequences of free association without control such as smoking, drinking liquor, watching vulgar videos, wearing drugs and performing uncontrolled free association. But from smoking it can continue to try to drink liquor, then use drugs, then watching the vulgar videos will have a bad impact on itself.


Some consequences of using drugs such as drugs and other addictive substances and drinking liquor, including:

  • Depressants, that is, suppress the central nervous system and reduce the functional activity of the body so that the wearer feels calm, even a wearer sleep and unconscious. When excess dose can result in death. Types of drug depressants include opiates and various derivatives such as morphine and heroin. A popular example now is Putaw.
  • Stimulants, stimulate body function and improve excitement as well as awareness. Types of stimulants: caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines. 
  • Hallucinogenic, the main effect is to alter the power perception or resulting in hallucinations. Hallucinogens are mostly derived from crops such as mescaline from cacti and psilocybin from mushroom.
  • Many crimes are caused by people who consume these substances and drink alcohol.
Another problem that concerns us today is the rising numbers of teenagers who become active smokers. The increase in these numbers can be influenced by the wishes of his own personal but can also be influenced by factors-external factors, including the following:

Parental Influence

One of the findings of juvenile smokers is that young children who come from unhappy households, where parents do not pay close attention to their children and give hard physical punishment are easier to be smokers than young children who come from a happy home environment (Baer & Corado in Atkinson, Introduction to Psychology, 1999:294).

Influence Of Friends

Various facts reveal that the more adolescents smoke then the more likely his friends are smokers as well and so vice versa. From that fact two possibilities happened, the first teenagers were affected by his friends or even the teenage friends were influenced by the teenage self that they eventually all became smokers. Among the youth of smokers, there are 87% have at least one or more friends who are smokers as well as non-smoker youth (Al Bachri, 1991).

Personality Factors

People try to smoke for reasons of wanting to know or want to break away from physical or mental pain, freeing themselves from boredom. Yet a predictive personality trait on drug users (including cigarettes) is social conformity. People who have high scores on various social conformities tests more easily become users compared to those who have a low score (Atkinson, 1999).

The Influence Of Advertising

Seeing advertisements on mass media and electronics showing the idea that smokers are the epitome of virility or glamour, making teenagers often triggered to follow the behavior as in the advertisement.

In addition to the four psychosocial problems that often occur in adolescents as mentioned and discussed above, there are also other problems in adolescents such as brawl, juvenile delinquency, anxiety, self-esteem, learning difficulties, depression and other – others.

All of these problems need attention from various parties considering that youth are the prospective successors of the nation generation. The future of adolescence is hung. Many ways can be done to prevent the increasing problems that occur in adolescents, such as:


  • Cultivates a good foster pattern in children since prenatal and toddler.
  • Equip a child with a moral basis and religious education from an early age.
  • Understanding good and effective communication between parents – children.
  • Establishing good cooperation with the teachers.
  • Being a role model for children in both behavior and in terms of maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Applying consistent discipline to children.
  • Avoid the children of NAPZA and the free association but do not be too curb the child.
Teacher roles:

  • Become a teacher who can be friendly with students.
  • Creating a comfortable school condition for students to learn.
  • Provide students with the flexibility to express themselves in extracurricular activities such as sports and arts.
  • Providing facilities and infrastructure for play and sports.
  • Improve the role, service, and empowerment of Guidance and Counseling teachers.
  • Improve school discipline and strict and educational sanctions.
  • Improving cooperation with parents, fellow teachers, and other schools.
  • Improving the integrated security of the school in collaboration with local police and wary of provocateurs.
  • Organizing healthy competitions, cultural arts, and inter-school sports.
  • Creating a school condition that allows children to develop healthy physical, mental, spiritual and social, and improve the early detection of DRUG abuse.
Government and community roles:

  • Reviving and re-empowering the curriculum of ethics.
  • Providing facilities/infrastructure that can accommodate the aggressiveness of children through exercise, play, and arts and other skills.
  • Enforcing strict laws, sanctions, and discipline and can provide an example for the community, especially teenagers
  • Tackling NAPZA, by applying its rules and regulations expressly.
  • School location selection is kept away from shopping centers and entertainment centers.
Media roles:

  • Serve a nonviolent impression or news (airing hours according to age).
  • Present the news with a correct and precise sentence (not provocative).
  • The presence of special sections in the time media (print, electronic) is free of charge for teenagers.
That is an article about How To Tackling Youth Issues Anda Probelms. Hopefully this article will useful to you.

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