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Improve Quality Of Life, Focus To Become Better

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Improve Quality Of Life, Focus To Become Better

The development and journey of a person's life is a long and difficult journey. Every individual including me and also you are in demand to always improve the quality of life so that it is always better day by day.

Do you have a goal to always improve your quality of life? Do you commit to change your circumstances? I think a lot of people will answer yes to this question, although they do not fully dedicate the effort to achieving their life goals. To achieve the goal and improve the quality of life requires commitment and earnest effort. Why? Because you will face so many problems and issues that can shake your commitment, so you will find a failure in life.

You can strive to improve the quality of your life by making some minor adjustments to your routine by changing your behavior and your way of thinking. And one thing to keep in mind that you are not alone, I and everyone also have to go through a long period of frustration, anxiety, fear, resentful, and worry.

Sometimes, life does not change as we want. However, often, our quality of life is more related to the basic habits that we routinely run daily. By changing our habits, we can improve our quality of life on multiple spectrums.

Define your quality of life

First, let's co-equal find out if that is meant by "quality of life?" For those of you who think that your quality of life is the same as your standard of living, then you are wrong. Now, your standard of living, which is essentially the equivalent of your income, does have a separate effect on the quality of your life, but it's not a thorough picture.

The quality of life, as I mean here, is the total amount of your health, your happiness, your vitality, your free time, and your income. This formula approach will help you to give a better picture of your overall quality of life. However, many people only determine the quality of their lives with the amount of money they have alone. And, this is while money is the most commonly benchmark barometer in the benchmark.

Today people have begun to think that money is not the real measure of quality of life. People who have money and many resources can indeed increase many areas of their lives. However, in a study that people who have a lot of money and resources are not more happy if compared to those who do not have it. The increase in your income is only equal to the temporary increase of happiness, in the end happiness will return to his fitrah.

Think about things in your past, the day you received your promotion or got your dream job. For a short time, you feel happy. But that's just a glimpse. Happiness doesn't last forever because it turns out that your work doesn't fully give you the income to your expectations.

Happiness is an abstract and relative thing. How to measure a happiness? Is it happy that means it should have a lot of money?

I think not that, because some people who have so much money turned out his life is also unhappy. They are often in the sickles, the family is not harmonious and messy, his children are trapped in free association and so on. 

On the other hand we can compare with those who do not have a lot of money, which to merely obey their basic life of the day is not enough, but they feel happy and do not complain. They generally live in villages far away from the hustle and bustle of a simple living urban by guiding the social norms of society that are still in the high value.

So What Are The Keys And Recipes Of Happiness?

1. Improve Your Life

There are a few specific ways you can do that could affect the quality of your life. Increasing the circumstances like your income or income for example, is far more obvious than saying that you will increase your happiness, health, or vitality that looks abstract. However, health, happiness, vitality, and leisure are also important aspects of quality of life.

2. Grateful

One way to improve your quality of life is to always be grateful every day. Be grateful for what we have received from God in the form of pleasure, blessing and health despite being not material but it is much more valuable. With always being grateful then your quality of life will be better than ever.

3. Improve Your Religious Side

For some, closer to the Sanga Maha creator is one way to deny the quality of their lives. For those who Muslims will be more diligent to leave the prayer in congregation in the mosque. For those who are Christians more often follow the church's Sunday worship services. Similarly, other religious people, Hindu to the temple, and Buddhists to the monasteries. All of that was done to draw themselves to the creator's Sanag.

By improving the quality of your life it will make your life more meaningful and full of meaning.

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