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10 Fatal Mistakes In Recruiting Employees And How To Avoid Them

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10 Fatal Mistakes In Recruiting Employees And How To Avoid Them
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Hiring a new qualified and competent employee is sometimes a long process because it's not easy to get to it. It is very important to find the right person to fill the void in the strategic position of the company.

The recruitment and screening process requires time and effort. There was a great temptation to add someone who was available at the time and seemed like having skills and being competent to position those positions. And unfortunately, the temptation is often a very basic mistake done by a Manager.

What is the most common mistake a manager often does when recruiting and hiring a new employee at the company? How can they avoid these mistakes?

In the following article, I will share with you about 10 Fatal mistakes in recruiting employees and how to avoid them.

And here is the list, among others as follows:

1. Forget To Write Down Of Job Descriptions

The first mistake that is often done is to interview prospective employees, you as a Manager sometimes forget to write down in detail what are the employees ' tasks in this position. It could be that it is the negligence of the HR who does not prepare the supporting data with complete and detailed. However, as a Manager who is reassigned to interview a prospective employee should have a list of tasks as intended so that they can see whether a person's qualifications qualify to do the job or not.

2. Hiring Someone Without The Necessary Skills

It will be obvious from the job description you hold so that you as a manager know what skills are needed for the job. Test candidates to ensure that to demonstrate their current skills is also important. (Use questions or grammar that refer to an assessment of skills).

3. Hiring Someone Without Assessing Their Behavior First

The assessment of the behavior of candidates or prospective employees will help you see whether this person will match the culture of your office and other employees who work at your company.

This will also help you to communicate with the candidate by assessing how the candidate is listening to your conversation. Most managers tend to employ people who have a character like themselves when in fact they may need someone who can do some things that the manager cannot do.

4. Hiring Someone Who Is Temperament Or Has A Wrong Personality

Several positions require people who have good and friendly speaking skills toward others. As for other departments, it may require a person-oriented to the thoroughness (detail) who can see the picture outline. Knowing the best and exact personality types for a particular position will help the manager find the right person. Do not once in a while employ people who are temperament because it will harm you.

5. Hire A Friend Or Relative

Often you as a Manager consciously hire your friends or relatives (who are not necessarily qualified and appropriate for a particular role) just because you want to be kind or to do good for someone.

If your decision is bad, then the situation can be very uncomfortable. It is often difficult to give feedback to friends or relatives because often they do not want to be placed in a position where they have to be grateful for the opportunity but are angry with you and precisely criticize you.

6. Not Interviewing Prospective Employees

It is a pretty fatal mistake. Why? Because to know a prospective employee then it is highly recommended to talk to him directly either through face-to-face or over the phone.

7. Not Preparing Questions That You Will Ask To All Prospective Employees

If you want to get a qualified employee then you should prepare a set of questions to investigate and see potential candidates appropriately. This will help you to determine which candidate is closest and according to the job description you hold.

8. Do Not Open Job Openings On The Internet, Advertising In Newspapers, Or Using The Services Of A Labor Recruiter Consultant

Perhaps you would be tempted to hire a candidate that came first. If you open a job vacancy on the Internet or through an advertisement in a newspaper then to get a qualified candidate you have a wide selection of candidates who can be interviewed and have more opportunities in choosing the most appropriate and suitable candidates.

9. Not Interviewing All Existing Candidates

Once you have a group of candidates, then it is the easiest to use screening interviews to get rid of those who certainly do not conform to the initial criteria. Often screening interviews are done over the phone but can also be done via email. But essentially try to interview all the candidates, so you can see their quality as a comparison before deciding which candidate you would choose.

10. Do Not Check References And Background Candidates

It looks very tempting once because you have chosen a candidate to be admitted to your company. It's a good idea to take the time to check back the candidate's reference and background to ensure that he or she is honest with the data it has given.

That's the article about 10 Fatal mistakes in hiring employees and how to avoid them. May this article can add your knowledge better in case of employee recruitment.

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