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4 Ways To Find Your Motivation In The Job

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4 Ways To Find Your Motivation In The Job

Motivation is one aspect that can improve the performance and productivity of an employee in the work. When the motivation of an employee decreases or even disappears it will make him feel unhappy in the work and consequently can decrease the performance and productivity of the employee. It is a lot of happening and in nature by many, and it is of course a very terrible thing.

The lack of motivation at the workplace is a serious problem in the economy. A study has revealed that only about 13% of the workforce is actively involved in their work. This is of course not a number that a boss would want to see in the company because it is something less good for the moral of the employee. A boss certainly wants to see his employees happy, because that means employees are in good condition without de-motivation to themselves.

So how can you regain your self-motivation in your work, happiness and overall satisfaction?

Here are 4 ways to find your motivation in the work you can try, such as:

1. Soliciting Feedback

Sometimes you just realize and get yourself so focused just on your job only. You've forgotten the little ways you can do to improve, or even where you add a value to your work. Ignorance of the way that you can do better or what you can do to contribute to the company can lead to a lack of motivation to yourself.

One of the ways you can fix this is by asking your coworkers or your employer to provide feedback. There's always space available for you to learn and grow in a professional role, and there's nothing better to help you target specific areas of growth than people who always interact with you daily, and who knows about your work.

2. Celebrate with others.

If you feel that your self is not inspired and stuck, the right way to bring yourself out of your habit is to focus from yourself and start celebrating it with others around you. This kind of positive thinking will lead to stronger friendships and even increase cooperation in a team.

A study showed that an employee who had a more positive interaction with colleagues around them turned out to be more productive and involved with their work. So it's worth it for you to try, take a little time to congratulate people who get a promotion or complete a project, or even just compliment them on a job well done.

3. Start to say "no ".

It will feel a lot easier for you to say yes to everything, especially if you are feeling unmotivated. Once all goes by, it certainly doesn't make sense that you find your motivation again.

Unfortunately, by always saying yes to everything, in fact you are trying to burn your own. Dare say no, can increase your productivity and mental health if compared with always say yes, when you feel otherwise..

If you feel doubtful between wanting to make others feel happy or want to make yourself happy, then remember saying no to anything they ask of you is just another way to say yes to what you want to commit.

4. Take a break

Working daily is sometimes not a good thing for yourself as well as a company. It's an important thing for you to take your leave right for a vacation and refresh your mind. According to American studies employees leave an average of 3.2 days their leave is unused. The habit of not taking leave should be in stop. Taking the time to take a break from work can make you fresh and fresh back. It is certainly very good to make yourself motivated again.

It has been demonstrated by a study done by Harvard College, which suggests that about 94% of workers taking their leave state that they have a lot more energy after coming back from their leave or holiday. As many as 55% of employees affirm that they are returning to work with a higher energy level than before taking leave for the holidays.

That is an article about 4 ways to find your motivation in the job. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.


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