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5 Ideas To Appreciate Your Company Employees ' Performance

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5 Ideas To Appreciate Your Company Employees ' Performance
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Demonstrating a form of appreciation to employees is crucial for the relationship between the company and its employees. Why? Due to a study from Globoforce's WorkHuman Research Institute that as many as 45% of employees feel unrecognized at work during the last six months of work. It is very important for every team member to feel appreciated and to know how important their participation is in the company's business success.

One of the most important components of creating a successful corporate business is by showing appreciation to employees. When corporate employees feel appreciated by management regularly, they will generally be more active and more engaged in their work.

Employees can see the direct relationship between their performance and the results of increased company profits. Therefore, it is a good idea to create a program that recognizes and rewards employees who have provided outstanding performance.

However, when employee recognition and appreciation programs are set (and directly tied to the company's core values), then as much as 88% of employees reported having a positive experience. The profits gained by companies that make regular employee appreciation efforts, are increased worker engagement, better relationships with supervisors and employees who report that they are willing to recommend the company to their peers.

There are many simple and simple and low-cost ways to show team members how valuable they are.

Here are five ideas for you to consider, among others:

1. The celebration

One of the fun ways to show appreciation to all employees is with a monthly celebration of the company. This can include a birthday party in honor of everyone celebrating the anniversary of that month, a birthday party to thank them for years of service or even their gathering that demonstrates excellent performance. The form of celebration can be as simple as possible, for example with an offsite lunch and so on.

2. Gift

This is one incentive that the company can provide to improve performance. The management of the company can buy gift cards for various places of eating and entertainment to be handed over to employees who deserve to receive them. The prize may be accompanied by handwriting "Thank you ", which will mean a lot to employees. Make sure the news also comes out on the company's social media, as it's one of the other ways to maximize and motivate other employees.

3. Co-worker recognition

Being rewarded by your boss is a special thing, but being rewarded by your peers will take you to a whole new level. The introduction of one-on-one employees allows employees to know that their daily efforts are observed and that they are part of a team that cares about them.

4. Food

When employees are well-cared for, they tend to be more productive and happier. Unfortunately, many employees are too busy for breakfast alone and even more do not take the time to enjoy a healthy lunch. Companies that want to show their valued workers can provide free lunch or free snacks and drinks. You can partner with local food catering services to bring your lunch box at a lower cost for employees who will be of great pleasure to employees.

5. Office Upgrades

Every employee will surely feel more enjoying working in a comfortable, spacious, sunny environment and cover all the latest technologies. The quality of the work environment has a direct impact on overall performance and satisfaction of their work.

Leesman, a global independent reviewer conducted a study of 250,000 employees from 69 countries. The result is about 85% of the employees surveyed say that workplace design is important for their performance, and as many as 75% say that natural light is important. Some simple changes, such as increasing natural light, adding some types of greenery and buying new water coolers, all of them can lead to greater job satisfaction.

Before creating an Employee appreciation Program plan, make sure that it is set up with a purpose that complies with the company's vision and mission. It is a good idea to gather ideas from employees who have long worked and have enjoyed incentives in the past. Decide what will be meaningful to your employees.

Determining whether rewards are fair and achievable based on reasonable performance objectives, so that all employees have the opportunity to get that appreciation fairly. Lastly, keep a note of all the appreciation forms that have been given and evaluate them how well the program is suited to the intended purpose.


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