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6 (Six) Tips And Easy Ways To Become The Best Employee

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6 (Six) Tips And Easy Ways To Become The Best Employee
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During this time we often hear tips on how to become a successful leader in various seminar events that we follow. But we rarely get tips on how to be the best employee.

Moreover, in the world competition nowadays is very competitive, companies are very selective in determining the employees who will be adopted as permanent employees (Permanent Employee) so that the opportunity to become employees remain very thin because of the magnitude of competition.

Only employees with the right judgment are likely to be received as permanent employees, while the rest must be satisfied with the contract status without any end.

I've written an article on tips to be a reliable employee in the eyes of your boss in my previous post. It is to answer and be a reference for you to increase your chances of being received as a permanent employee.

I've also written an article about tips for quick on lifting as permanent employees, you can read it on this blog.

Alright, in this article I will share with you about 6 (six) Tips and easy ways to become the best employee. Here is the description:


In the work, you will probably experience many small distractions that can eliminate your focus. Noisy phone ringing, a lot of kidding coworkers, and other small things. If you want to be the best employee, those distractions shouldn't eliminate your focus on your work.

Finish all the work on time without making excuses and alibi that even your boss does not want to hear. Believe that your employer will be more oriented to the outcome of your work than asking for the process. So, finish your work and don't make excuses if you can't get it done.


The burden of your work can cause you to lose focus. We are often faced with so much work that needs to be resolved immediately, and that is all-important. It's easy to get overwhelmed by it and feel like you're drowning in it.

One trick to conquer your workload is to learn how to make a priority. The way is quite simple, you just have to take a note and write down the order of your work along with its deadline date. After that, you can start by completing very important work with the shortest time deadlines.

This way you've learned to control your work. You will learn to focus on what is most important, and in turn, making sure that you do not consider that all your work is a priority.


Respect in the environment of your work is an important thing. You need to respect yourself and also respect others. If you do not respect yourself, then you will also not be able to give respect to others.

The best way to practice respect is to be tolerant of others whether your co-worker or your employer. Respecting that others will surely have a different opinion and make a practice to start a discussion rather than make an argument. A conflict can arise as a result of a lack of respect for others.

Thus you will create a conducive and protected working environment from conflict with other people or colleagues.


One of the best ways to become a great and best employee is to take an interest in your personal development. When you first start a job or get a promotion, you feel hungry to learn about new things as much as possible.

When you are staying in a long position, you are comfortable with day-to-day consistency that tends to be monotonous and only a routine, and it results in your encouragement and desire to learn to fade. Not only will learning help you to progress and thrive in your career, but it will also make your day more interesting. Learning will help you to stay up to date. You can always keep up with the latest science and technology developments.


The focus on your work shouldn't eliminate your time to check the messages or emails you have on your computer. It could be trivial to you, but an important message sent by someone to you and requires your response or answer as soon as possible and you do not necessarily disappoint the person.

So it's important to check your incoming messages or emails so that you know if there's an important message.


If you want to be the best employee then strive to be fully committed by investing yourself in your work. Thus you will feel more connected to your work and in turn, you will be more productive and successful.

If all of the above tips combined with the last tips that are commitments will make you the best employee as you want.

That's the article about 6 (six) Tips and easy ways to become the best employee. Hopefully it will be useful to you.


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