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An Effective Recruitment Strategy To Get Qualified Employees

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An Effective Recruitment Strategy To Get Qualified Employees
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Employees are one of the most important assets for the company and can be considered the key to the success of a company. Can you imagine, how is the condition of the company if the employees who work in your company are less qualified and incompetent employees in their field?

Of course, this will be the mind and the burden for you, because they can not run a job according to the function properly. That's why, why recruiting and hiring employees who are of good quality and competent to work, is very important to you.

Indeed, to get qualified and competent employees is not easy, even impressed very difficult in some conditions. The strategy of recruiting new employees can be done easily if many candidates want to join your company.

Instead, recruiting new hires can also be a very difficult thing if you want to be an experienced candidate and are included in your top employee qualification. There are a lot of non-technical factors that need to be a consideration for you.

Here is an effective recruitment strategy to get qualified employees (top employee) as a new employee in your company, among others:

1. Join a job fair event, to attract the interest of potential employees who want to join in your company. By joining the job fair then it is likely that many qualified employees are interested to join your company.

2. Offer additional incentives and special facilities, in addition to a competitive salary of course. For example, by offering special facilities for qualified applicants such as annual bonuses, complete workspace, free WiFi access, free lunch, transport money, and so on. The offer can be included in the job information you've previously made, so you can attract the candidates you're looking for and want.

3. Re-invite prospective employees who have already worked in your company before. The employees referred to here are those who have ever resigned well for personal reasons. By contacting them they could have been interested to rejoin your company.

4. Engage and employee in your company to find qualified candidates. They can recommend their friends or colleagues who are qualified and competent to join your company. This is in some cases sometimes very effective, especially in the capture of candidates coming from the same alma mater as your employees.

5. Build the company's reputation as best as possible. Make sure your company is in a healthy condition both financially and on a system basis. It can be an attraction for them to join your company.

6. Be friendly to all the candidates who apply for work in your company, regardless of whether they will be accepted or not. Why is it important? Because the image of your company is in the hands of the applicants. If you're not friendly to any of them, then they could just then bad mouth your company outside to others or other applicants.

7. Show the company's reputation and conducive to top employee candidates. One example, for example, uses a visual or video to make it look more appealing to show how your company situation. This could just impress them and eventually be interested in joining your company.

8. Creating a harmonious working environment. This can be revealed to them, so they are interested in joining.


Remember One thing is very important for you to take good care of. When you perform a new employee recruitment process, don't once in a while you decide to hire an employee simply because of the pity for them. It can backfire for you at a later date.

Here are 3 (three) strategies that you need to take note of and you practice when hiring employees, before deciding to hire their employees at your company, among others:

1. See the background of their education and work experience

For those of you who need an employee for a position that is important and influential in the company, it is advisable to select a prospective employee who has applied for the job by first looking at the educational background as well as the work experience owned by them.

Although in reality, work experience and the background of higher education are not fully able to guarantee that the employee will be able to work optimally. But at least, for employees who have a low educational background as well as minimal work experience will usually not be able to work at higher positions and positions requiring special skills.

2. Competency test in the required field

Although candidates who have applied to become employees in your company come from reputable universities, it is not a guarantee that they will have good skills in the field. Therefore, you can do some field competency tests for them to know and measure how in their knowledge and expertise. The reason is very clear, because skills in every field of work, will be very influential to the performance and development of your company later.

3. Don't recruit employees just for knowing him

You can be easy to recruit employees you already know, but with notes that they do have enough skills and fit your company's needs. If you hire them when you know that they are less competent and qualified in the field then it will be a bad impact on your company in the future.

In the recruitment process of new employees, it is advisable to pay attention to and implement the recruiting strategies of employees as outlined above. If you are recruiting new employees randomly, it can be that you will get employees who are not qualified and incompetent in their field, so that your company will also get a bad impact in the future.

That's a description of the effective recruitment strategy to get qualified employees. Hopefully, this article is helpful for you.

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