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Common Problems That Often Occur At Work And The Solution

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Common Problems That Often Occur At Work And The Solution
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Still related to the discussion of the work problem, in this article, I will raise a topic that is about common problems that often occur in the workplace. Please continue reading this article until it is finished to gain knowledge in more detail.

Basically, any problem that occurs in a working environment will have a bad impact on both the company and employees. One of the real consequences that can happen is that it can make relations between employees unbelief, the emergence of distrust towards fellow employees, and be easily suspicious of others. 

This can certainly make communication-related to the work between employees difficult and will experience many obstacles. The impact, the work is not maximal and makes the company become injured. On the other hand, problems or conflicts in the workplace can also affect the life imbalance of the employees themselves.

Such imbalance is an individual and social imbalance (heart and inner). Employees who are involved in problems or conflicts will usually be selfish persons, not willing to cooperate with others, put their own dispossessed, and do not have a passion for his life is full of pressure. With the negative impact, the conflicts occurring in the working environment clearly hurt the company because it made the company's overall performance so declining.

What are some common problems in the workplace?

1. The Conflict Between Superiors And Subordinates

Usually, the reasons vary greatly, ranging from subordinates that do not give satisfactory performance in the eyes, or superiors who fail to give feedback to the subordinate in the right way, or a misunderstanding when communicating between the two.

Though such a thing is normal to happen to a company, one thing that can cause this problem can be dangerous for the company is when it impacts and affects their performance. The personal conflicts between superiors and subordinates can cause a setback for the company or its undoing proposes the achievement of the objectives as previously planned.

2. Conflict Among Employees

For example, when an employee has an unapproving attitude about how to do a job, or when an employee feels humbled by another employee. These small problems could turn out to be a serious problem, not just for the employees involved. Slowly-land if left out then the internal problem will cause greater problems that resulted in the damage to teamwork in the company. The worst impact is that the working environment will become unconducive and interfere with other employees who are not initially involved in the conflict.

3. Poor Corporate Internal Communications

Communication that runs ineffectively can lead to failure for the company. As we know that in teamwork, effective communication roles are crucial. In this case, the HR should at least provide training or training on the basics of communication skills to employees so that the communication process can run well in the company.

4. Employee Dissatisfaction With The Company

There are many factors that lead to the emergence of employee dissatisfaction with the company. For example, jobs that lack challenges, less than ideal salaries, poor working conditions, and non-supportive coworkers, or the disagreement of employees ' personalities with their work.

5. Lack Of Employee Training

Lack of employee training can cause employee performance is not maximal and causes him to be the one to blame. This can be a trigger to the problem because the employee feels in corner and blame, but it is the result of the company's own negligence for not providing adequate training to him.

How to solve employee problems in the workplace?

A. The HR team can be a mediator in the case of a personal conflict between the employer and subordinate. With the function as an intermediary, the HR team will assist both to separate the professional problems of work or personal problems and to help them to address the problem more precisely.

B. Mediating as soon as possible to address conflicts between fellow employees before the issue develops into a larger problem. Mediation is a process with several specific steps that can be performed to achieve maximum results that can be received by employees involved in the conflict.

C. To address the problems of ineffective communication within the company, there are a few tips that can be done. Be sure to make all employees get the information they needed in order to achieve the company's objectives. Communicating the company's vision and mission clearly, and giving employees the employee to convey their opinions and give feedback on the company's vision and mission.

D. To solve the problem of employee work dissatisfaction, the company can observe and analyze the factors that are the cause of the emergence of employee dissatisfaction and then give more attention to the factors to find the solution.

E. When an employee feels blamed without the support of the company to solve the problem, the employee will feel disappointed and could do the worse things in the company. When the employee does not succeed in delivering good performance, the company should first inspect whether it has provided training to the employee or the training system that has been provided is not effective.

Here Is An Example Of Some Types Of Employee Complaints On HR Team

HR Manager
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The HR division often receives many complaints from employees in a company. These complaints need to be handled immediately so as not to cause worse impacts for the company.

Some of the employee complaints list is as follows:

1. Personal debt collection of employees carried out in the office by the creditors who are quite disturbing

This is often the case in the company because in general, one of the conditions of the debt application is to give the office address where employees work. Every company should start providing education on responsible lending. So later every employee can not arbitrarily take the loan.

2. Employee salaries are deemed insufficient

It takes its own skill to manage employee's personal finances so that the salary they receive can be sufficient for their needs within a month. Learning about how to manage unnecessary expenses by holding an employee's internal meeting example is an example of what the HR team can do.

3. Employees are not ready to retire

Currently, some companies that are obedient to the provisions of the law have already made a retirement preparation program. But unfortunately, this program is often new to be implemented during the period of 1 year before the employee retires. In fact, retirement preparation should be carried out for a long time so that employees will enter the retirement period is a more ready mentality.


Human Resources (HR) is one of the most important assets in a company. Start finding out if employees at your company have issues like those described above or are not very important to do from now on. Don't ignore employee complaints. Give more attention to the problems and complaints of employees delivered, then each employee will feel more appreciated. Improve employee communication skills by conducting training communication basics so that the communication within the company can run well, effectively, and efficiently.

This is the article about common problems that often occur at work and solutions. Let's read more beneficial articles in this blog.

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