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Discipline vs Motivation, Which One Is More Important?

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Discipline vs Motivation, Which One Is More Important?

Self-discipline and motivation are two very important things in human life including ours. Self-discipline and motivation are both instrumental in building a habit in the long term. For that in life, you desperately need both of them because in between the two are equally important. If so, is it better to focus on self-discipline or on motivation? Which of them is more important?

Between self-discipline and actual motivation two are equally important, as both complement each other. Self-discipline without motivation will be a compulsion while motivation without self-discipline will be in vain.

Before we go any further, the first thing we should know is what is the difference between self-discipline and motivation?


Self-discipline is the ability of yourself to control your actions and hold on to what you deem appropriate to pursue, even when you are tempted to leave or give up on your goals. On the day that you don't feel like going to a gym, for example, discipline can be a deciding factor in what makes you then have to go.

The discipline is like playing football, if you violate the rules, then you will certainly get a warning from the referee in the form of a strike or a yellow card. If you have twice the violation or your violation is fatal then the referee does not hesitate to give a red card to you.

Discipline demands yourself to obey and carry out what you have written consistently. If you can do this then you are on the right track to going to success. But conversely, if you often violate what you already wrote yourself then you will reap a failure.


Motivation is a joyful feeling you get when you're working towards a goal. Motivation is a driving force behind your actions.

Motivation can be more glamorous when compared to self-discipline. If we are analogous, then motivation like cheerleading in a match, then self-discipline more like a firm Sergeant soldier. In establishing fitness habits, both discipline and motivation have their place in the process. Motivation may be what you need to get started while self-discipline can be the thing that makes you have to go.

Self-discipline is a skill that means you can teach yourself about how to become more disciplined.
Here are some suggestions for you to be more disciplined with your workouts:


When you are in the early stages to create a habit of exercising every morning, keep things small and manageable. Taking smaller steps will now help you build and remain consistent with your habits. Maybe you can start by reducing your time and trying to sleep over the afternoon so that you can wake up early with fresh.


When it comes to developing self-discipline, there is no magic formula. There is only one thing that is "the right way" to build this skill does not exist. So instead of copying and sampling the routines of others, it's better to think about your unique needs. What you will do and best for you. If you want to be healthy with diligent exercise every morning then after starting you have to keep that thing consistently you can do.


Remember that motivation is like a cheerleader or a cheerleader in a match. You will wake up one morning, and then you feel that your motivation is suddenly gone. Cheerleaders will take a day off, and you won't feel like you're working looking for a way out. If you feel unmotivated, you are not alone. Just do what you can to listen to self-discipline and stick to your plans.

That's the article about discipline vs. motivation, which one is more important? Hopefully it will be useful to you.

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