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10 Characteristics Of an Effective Meeting

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10 Characteristics Of an Effective Meeting
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How do you make a comparison between effective meetings and ineffective meetings? How do you rate and measure it?

A meeting can be said to be effective if it has a clear specific agenda, so the meeting does not become uncontrolled and waste time. With a relatively short duration of time can result in a good final decision.

That can be accomplished because the faithful meeting participants have prepared the essential ingredients to be talked about in the meeting. Conversely, an ineffective meeting will not result in a good and clear final decision. If the final decision can be decided then the time needed to make the decision is much longer compared with the effective meeting.

As reference material for you, here are ten fundamental concepts that characterize an effective and efficient meeting, such as the following:

1. Definition Of Meeting

A meeting, meeting, or meeting is a business activity where selected people gather to discuss an agenda that requires effort and teamwork in its completion.

2. Mature And Precise Planning

A meeting or meeting, such as a meeting about the company's business, will succeed when preceded by careful planning and is characterized by a focused attitude, governed by the structure of the meeting, and controlled by a limited meeting time budget.

3. The Short Meeting Duration

Some people are free to work on important activities that represent the essence of their work. Conversely, a 9meeting meeting) that with a long duration of time will prevent people from immediately working on other important tasks that should also be resolved immediately.

4. Avoid Three Things That Cause Unproductive Meetings

The three things that cause a meeting or meeting to become unproductive, include poor planning, lack of proper process, and a hostile culture within the company. Effective leaders should be able to take care of all these things to create an effective and efficient meeting.

5. Effective Meetings Require Sharing Control And Making Commitments

10 Characteristics Of an Effective Meeting
image via freepik

6. Focus On The Final Destination Of The Meeting

The ultimate goal of any meeting is an agreement, decision, or solution to a problem. Meetings that are held for other reasons seldom result in something valuable compared to it.

7. Stop Waste Time

Attendees of a meeting or meeting not ready with the meeting agenda will spend their time preparing materials for the meeting.

8. Solution

It would be much better to provide and spend a little time there to prepare a solution for the problem that is in the language of the meeting, rather than spending a lot of time fixing problems that arise in the future.

9. A Meeting Is An Investment Of Resources And Time That Must Benefit

10. A Meeting Can Be Lead From Any Seat In The Meeting Room. And If It's A Meeting That You Do, Then The Meeting Leader Is Your Seat

Thus the article on 10 characteristics of effective Meeting. Hopefully, it will be useful for you.

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