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12 Meeting Tips In The Office To Run Effectively

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12 Meeting Tips In The Office To Run Effectively
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Sometimes the meeting in the office is just a routine activity that is regularly held and does not generate a breakthrough or new methods related to the company's business. The activity lasts very ineffective and tends to be boring and only a waste of work time.

It is certainly contrary to the purpose of the meeting because a meeting is supposed to be held to discuss important issues involving the company's business. Whether it is concerned with labor, machinery, equipment, corporate strategy, and other problems involving employee productivity.

The question is, how can I make a meeting to run effectively?

As a reference for you, here are 12 Meeting Tips in the office to run effectively that will help you look like a professional, among others as follows:

1. Ask everyone who is in law meeting to be present five to ten minutes earlier

This will give you enough time for everyone to socialize, get a coffee, or arrange ingredients before the meeting starts.

2. Discuss enough sensitive issues with key participants before the meeting starts. Use this as an opportunity to listen and collect information about the problems that occur

From here you will understand the various views, needs, and history of the problem. This information can help you to prepare the agenda and conduct the meeting with sufficient provisions. Also, you may be able to facilitate solutions or strategies for solutions before the meeting starts. In both cases, the result will be a more efficient meeting.

3. Plan a small meeting that focuses on one problem only

People will work more effectively over a short time (about 45 minutes). It also allows you to match the opinions that arise with existing issues to make the meeting more productive.

4. Invite only those who can contribute at least 50% of the problem that will be discussed on the agenda of the meeting

For a meeting that lasts more than 30 minutes, the invitation of a special participant is only provided to the section relating to their contribution to the issue.

5. Send a copy of the minute meeting to all persons who have been invited to share information about the result of the meeting. 

12 Meeting Tips In The Office To Run Effectively
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They can read the minute meeting and reunderstand the parts they missed in the meeting.

6. When invited to a meeting with a vague or unclear agenda, ask: What role do you have concerning the issue

Why do you need my presence? If the impact of your presence is relatively small, you can refuse to attend and use the time for other jobs. Meeting planners often try to add importance to the meeting by inviting prominent members of the organization or company.

7. If the leader of the meeting or meeting seems to have allowed the objectives of the meeting to float (uncontrolled), ask immediately: "What do you want to accomplish?" or "How can we help you?" or "How will we know when we are done working on this?" This question can help to focus the meeting on the target.

8. If a meeting seems to be out of control, suggesting delays and reconvening at another time is a wise thing

This will allow you to clarify the objectives, prepare the strategy, and better understand the problem.

9. Reflects on the key point content issue

This ensures that everyone has the same understanding of the key points of the problem to be discussed. Although this is one of the responsibilities of the Chairman, it can be filled by others in the meeting.

10. Prepare your list of questions, ideas, ideas, and suggestions before the meeting

Then you can focus your attention on the discussion in the meeting and listen to the opinions of other meeting participants.

11. Note Listeners are not speakers

Their face and body language will tell you whether they agree or disagree, this can help guide you to participate in the discussion.

12. Work with proper urgency

Life is limited, and discussion in meetings should be the same. Plan a time budget and then use it to guide your meeting well, to run effectively. Take extra time only when the problem that is discussed does not reach the meeting point and find the final solution or decision.

Remember, a meeting was held to find a solution for a problem and not an event to dispute each other and maintain the individual opinion so that the meeting could become uncontrollable. If it happens then surely it will not produce anything.

That's the article about 12 Meeting Tips in the office to run effectively.

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